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Lunarich Pizza & Pasta/露娜利奇意大利餐厅
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What started in Korea, has spread throughout Asia like wildfire and finally landed in China, and we have the first one in Hangzhou at the new In Time Mall. Lunarich offers fine Italian dining using carefully selected ingredients. Pizzas are cooked thin and crispy. Pasta is always al dente. The salads are healthy and beautiful. We joined them during their soft opening phase and were pleased to see this trend of awesome Italian food continuing throughout our city. Their Grand Opening is scheduled for early November. 

We started with the Crispy Bacon Mango Salad 58RMB and were blown away. It is a known fact, bacon makes all things better, and pairing it with the sweetness of mango was wonderful. Next, a few pastas, starting with an Olive Oil Spaghetti topped with chicken breast, garlic, and black olives for 64RMB, and was a delicious change from tomato sauce. We also enjoyed the LUNA Pane 78RMB, a seafood linguine in cream sauce served in a fresh-baked bread bowl. The bread was fantastic and we soaked up every last bit of the sauce.

Next up: pizza, baked in the gas oven for more consistent heat. We love, love, LOVE pizza at MORE and these unique combinations did not disappoint. First up, the Garlic Chicken Diavola 98RMB, a delightful white pizza topped with chicken breast and fried garlic slices. The Rucola Special 108RMB came topped with loads of fresh rucola (arugula, rocket, roquette, you know) and parma ham. For our next visit, our sights are set on the Bismark 108RMB, featuring pepperoni, bacon, onion rings, and egg.

Lunarich also offers risottos, Angus beef steaks, Norwegian salmon, a full coffee menu, fresh squeezed juice, smoothies, beer, wine, and desserts. If we had more time, we would have waited for the Chocolate Lava 42RMB which is made from scratch each time. Instead, we tried their excellent Tiramisu 36RMB, also made to order and served in a martini glass. Wi-Fi and parking available.

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080-082, 1/F, Intime Mall, 380 Fengtan Road

0571 8977 7333

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
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