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Lotus Thai Hot Pot /莲一泰式火锅·料理
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A delightful departure from the usual hot pot places is Lotus Thai Hot Pot, next door to Homestead Café on Wensan and Jiaogong Road. Initially we asked ourselves, “Is hot pot even a thing in Thailand?” But given our insatiable hunger for Thai cuisine in general, we knew we would need to check it out. And on that day in February – you remember the one – that first day of sleet, we found the perfect food to warm our bodies and satisfy that hunger.

The menu is one of those pieces of paper where you place a checkmark next to what you want. No English, no pictures, but we’ve included a handy translation of many options for you here. Lotus Thai specializes in individual hot pots, allowing each person to sample a different broth style. Our unanimous favorite was the Tom Yum Hot Pot (东荫功汤锅) for 10RMB, with the mild Pineapple Curry Hot Pot (咖喱菠萝锅) at 15RMB was a close second. Those broths are so good you may find yourself finishing the soup after your meal. If you crave something really spicy, go for the Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot (麻辣小香锅) for just 10RMB. You probably already have your favorite additions to put in the broth, and they have all your favorite veggies, meats, Shrimps (鲜冻明虾) at 24RMB and Udon noodles a 12RMB option. We will say definitely get the Deep Fried Bread (老油条) for 8RMB. We ordered two, they were so good. The Rice Cake (年糕) at 8RMB was tasty, and there was a promotion on the beef roll for just 1RMB for a big plate of beef.

Besides the normal selection of teas, wines, and soft drinks, they have Singha for 15RMB and a nice selection of juices blended with milk (smoothies?) for around 18RMB. The bill, in the end, was 239RMB for three of us. Wi-Fi and parking are available. No English menu.

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3/F, Liyuan Mansion, 88 Jiaogong Road

0571 8700 6655

Opening Hours:
10am - 9pm
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