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Loong Home/龍家
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Loong Home bakery on Jiefangroadlooks like your typical neighbourhood bakery here, but step inside and you’ll find some nice surprises. Most ingredients are imported, and the country of origin is listed on the label for every item.For example, you’ll find Chocolate Eclairs (9RMB) made with French chocolate, New Zealand butter and Korean sugar. The friendly owner explained that Korean sugar has a finer grain than domestic sugar and produces a better texture.

All the breads and pastries are sold within a day, and indeed there was a steady stream of customers during the hour that we were there.

Here are some highlights from the items we tried. Dragon’s Treasure(龙宝8RMB)was atasty bread with a creamy topping of American bacon, cabbage and New Zealand cheese. The Durian Milk Dessert (榴莲奶露 12RMB) made with Malaysian durians, cream and whole milk was a nice frozen dessert and packed a full durian flavour.The Madeleines(熊掌玛德琳3RMB) are made into cute little paw shapes, and you could taste the fresh American lemon juice in it.

A variety of coffees and teas are available (9-27RMB). The Long Tea (9RMB)was made from assam black tea, whole milk, cream and condensed sweetened milk. It tasted like a Hong Kong milky tea but lighter and not as creamy.

The owner is slowly starting to introduce western-style bread to his bakery, such as the Baguettes(10RMB) that sit on display right in front of the entrance for all the customers to see when they walk in. So far, the mostly local clientele in the neighbourhood have not quite embraced it.  As the owner continued to talk about his products, his passion for baking came through, and one cannot help but wish him success. With quality ingredients, tasty products and reasonable prices, he is well on his way.

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56 Jiefang Road

0571 8656 0339

Opening Hours:
6:30am - 9:30pm (Mon.-Fri.). 8am - 10pm (Sat.&Sun.)

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