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Lingyin Veganism/灵隐素食主义
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During our meal at Lingyin Veganism, I was rumored to have said, “If vegetarian food was always this good, I could give up meat.” Tragically, being a restaurant connoisseur doesn’t allow me to follow-up on that threat, but the sentiment was heartfelt. This place offers the best vegetarian and vegan cuisine we have ever had, and it’s a statement we stand by. Too often veggie places in China try to copy meat dishes (whole fish, sausage, pork chops) by adding artificial flavors and tons of MSG. Lingyin Veganism uses only fresh ingredients, organic when possible, and allows the natural flavors to make the dishes great.

English is available on the menu, but the friendly owner speaks clear English and offered us his recommendations. We tried the Jade White and Emerald Green Yin-Yang Taiji Soup (38RMB), a beautifully presented and subtly flavored soup of tofu and fresh greens. Cumin Potatoes (18RMB) were like delicious curry French fries. Our favorite dishes revolved around tofu: Fried Home Style Tofu (38RMB), and Sizzling Bean Curd (38RMB). The Handmade Dumplings (10RMB) were a delicious value, and the Fried Udon Noodles with Tofu (28RMB) make a great meal on their own. They also prepared for us a delightful Stir Fried Cabbage with Homemade Rice Cake (28RMB). Be sure to try their homemade spicy pepper sauce. It has great flavor and is not overpoweringly spicy. Just put it on everything and let your mouth celebrate. You could always wash it down with a cup of Wild Blueberry Juice (18RMB), Vietnamese Coffee (18RMB), or a variety of teas.

Its location in the Buddhist community on 185 Tianzhu Road off of Meiling Road is a little hard to find, but those familiar with Tavira will have no problem. Turn right on South Meiling Road, when you see the sign for Amanfayun, quickly turn right again by following the little road to Fajing Temple, after you pass Tavira, it’s just another 400m on your right. It is certainly worth the trip and the whole area is worth an afternoon of exploration too. Wi-Fi, English menu, and some parking are available.

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185 Tianzhu Road

0571 8163 2032

Opening Hours:
11am - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm
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