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Li’an Temple/理安寺
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The legend goes that Zhifeng He practiced Buddhism at this temple. At the time, a tiger was attacking people in the area. Zhifeng He was determined to tame the tiger, so he begged for money to buy meat and food for the beast. In time, the tiger had become so docile that it could be seen carrying its tamer through the streets on its back, thus earning him the name Abbot Tiger Tamer. A king from the Wuyue Kingdom had the temple built for Zhifeng. The temple saw its share of ups and downs to the point that not a single original building could be found following the war with Japan, so this isn't a temple in the proper sense of the word. There are no monks or Buddhas to kowtow to. It's just a really cool place to stop and have a cup of tea or maybe a bite to eat as you wander around Nine Creeks. The restaurant is open from 8:30 to 4:30. They have set teas: For 58 kuai you can have two types of tea; for 88 you get to sample six kinds. There are a few ways to get here. The easiest is to drive down Qianglong road. The most enjoyable way is to hike through Longjing towards Nine Creeks. Hang a left when you get to Jiuxi road. Jiuxi road cuts all the way through to Zhijiang road, making this a scenic bike trip as well. Take bus K4, 308/K308, 808/K808, K280, 324/K324, 510/K510, K519, 514/K514, K658, and Y5 getting off at the Nine Streams station 九溪.

Jasmine Mollison
2019-04-05 19:41:08
For the worshipping of the followers only here in this temple have really good history that will be like to hear and understand. Near to this temple there is big garden for the rush essay I have prayed on this temple which was fulfilled.
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Nine Creeks

0571 8659 0710

Opening Hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm
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