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LCC Italian Restaurant/乐思咖啡意大利餐厅
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<p>The Learning Centre Cafe Italian restaurant was founded in April 2011. This unique restaurant specializes in Chinese and Italian cuisine, as well as snacks, desserts and Italian coffee. The Chinese dishes consist of the unique taste of the traditional Chinese cuisine. The Italian cuisine includes steak, pasta and a variety of hand-made pizza. The restaurant’s food is prepared starting from raw materials from chefs carefully selected. The restaurant staff is selected through strict examinations and trained carefully. Today, the restaurant has hundreds of fixed customers that come to the restaurant also for personal birthday parties, company annual meeting dinner, and other important events. Since the Learning Centre Cafe focus on staff development and customer needs, will surely continue to improve and grow.<br /> <br /> The Learning Centre Café gives great importance to the development of its own staff, and provides professional psychologist and teachers to help all employees develop their own work and seek their own happiness. The Learning Centre Café provides tailored services according to customer needs, such as training for the organization’s leadership, Annual Meeting, Birthday Party, English and Italian language courses, yoga lessons, EAP training, personal growth group psychology training.<br /> <br /> The Learning Centre Café philosophy is to connect the East and West, especially Italy; Italian Culture related activities had been organized indeed: a photographic exhibition, photographic contests, music competitions, drawing competitions. We give a great importance to the development and growth of young people, providing internship and training opportunities for young people from Western countries. We are committed to the creation of a contact and exchange platform, so that people interested in knowing each other cultures can come together, share, talk, support each other and grow together.</p>

2018-05-29 23:59:29
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276-278 Zhenhua Road

0571 8973 8906

Opening Hours:
10am - 8pm
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