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Laoshan Noodle Restaurant/老陕面馆
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Laoshan Noodles has been across the street from me, on Gudun Road between West Wensan and West Wen'er Roads, for the entire time I've been in this apartment. That' been over 3 years now, and I hadn't been to this place until last week. FAIL. If you like Chinese kebabs, or roujiamo, or, Roger Moores as I'm fond of calling them; this is probably the best place in Hangzhou and they just finished re-rennovating. Sure, you can meet up with my old pal Roger Moore on any number of street-side places, but I find Roger Moore buns on the street tend to be a little too chewy and lack the firmness I prefer in my buns. Roger Moores at Laoshan have the perfect about of meat in their buns, and while you can get several different kinds of meat up in there, my own preference is the meaty spicy cumin; jam-packed with veggies. And who doesn't want some green in their buns - Cumin Spicy Kebab (孜然炒肉夹馍 8RMB)?

Puns (more like buns) aside, everything at Laoshan is really good. On our first trip we also tucked in to some Diced Noodle Soup (烩麻食 12 RMB), which reminded me of tomato soup, except for the thick noodley bits. The Iron Board Beef (铁板牛柳 38RMB) was nice, with decently textured beef, although it was a bit soupy for my liking. The Stir Fried Spicy Cabbage (炝炒包心菜 15RMB) was good, although nothing you couldn't find at other restaurants, and the North Shanxi Style Potato Noodles (陕北洋芋擦擦 14RMB) were a starchy, crispy, and salty delight. Probably the biggest disappointment about this place, other than the fact that I have been seriously missing out for three years, was the stupid bird flu preventing us from getting the Xinjiang-style Chicken with Potato and Noodle (新疆大盘鸡 68RMB), which I am told is not to be missed unless it harbors potentially deadly influenza, in which case, better safe than sorry.

Parking is available along Gudun Road, although you may need to run over some cyclists to do it. It looks pretty simple from the outside, with wooden benches and a kind of rustic feel, but if you go upstairs there are some nice windows to sit next to. Menu is all Chinese, so the linguistically challenged might be best off shouting.

Roger Moore doing their best 007 poses and hoping for the best. You should not be surprised if this doesn't work.

We also recommend: Broad Noodle with Spicy Oil 油泼扯面 8RMB, Xinjiang Style Noodle 新疆拌面 15RMB, Noodle with Soy Bean Paste 炸酱扯面 12RMB, Noodle with BBQ Meat 烤肉拌面 18RMB, Noodle with Tomato and Egg 番茄鸡蛋拌面 12RMB, Stir Fried Bean Noodle 炒凉皮 10RMB, Dumplings with Sour Soup 酸汤水饺 15RMB, Tiger Salad 老虎菜 14RMB, Homemade Pickles 自制泡菜 5RMB, Shredded Lamb Chop 手撕羊排 68RMB, Spiced Mutton and Pancake 薄饼羊肉 32RMB, Beef and Pickles Fried with Noodle 酸菜牛肉炒粉 14RMB, Farmer Style Stir Fried Meat 农家小炒肉 22RMB.

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204 Gudun Road

0571 8897 9884

Opening Hours:
9am - 9:30pm

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