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LA Café /娜美咖啡
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So we heard about this new Binjiang joint from our local mixologist, and his gumbo stirring dad, and if any recommendation shouldn’t be taken lightly, it’s one by this dynamic duo. With its small store front, and its unassuming sign, it was a little hard to find this tiny gem, but keep looking for it’s more than worth it. The three of us got there around 12:30 in the afternoon, and you could hear a pin drop when we walked in. That is of course, if you can hear a pin drop when nice background music is playing. Anyway the place was empty. It shouldn’t be by any means. Read on: Our meal started with an A&W root beer, a Doctor Pepper, and a cola; the Englishman had not ever heard of root beer, which is a damn shame, considering so few places carry the goodness. All three were served ice cold. Then we ordered the Chicken Laffa Salad (58RMB), the Homemade Cheese Burger (72RMB including the extra bacon), the Chicken Quesadilla (58RMB), the Grilled Cheese Sandwich (38RMB including extra bacon), and finished up our demands on our waitress by getting an order of Poutine (35RMB). Their timing at the LA Café should be noted because everything came out in the right order leaving nobody waiting for somebody else’s food to arrive.

The Chicken Laffa Salad had big pieces of chicken, on top of iceberg lettuce served with just enough dressing all sitting on real Laffa bread. It was the perfect start as far as any of us were concerned. And the mains came out all together, and the burger was big, but not too big to be dripping down our Englishman’s elbow, and the chicken quesadilla was quite tasty if a bit too sweet for our Sichuan eating guest’s tongue. And the best we’ll save for last, the grilled cheese sandwich, and the poutine were exquisite, and more than worth the money spent on them. If you’re in the area, the LA Café is a definite go-to place. English menu and parking available.

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250 Dongxin Avenue

137 5719 3559

Opening Hours:
7am - 8pm

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