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Kiyama /喜山
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Recently I asked my Japanese friend, Mr. Akira Nakazawa, about the best Japanese restaurant in town. It’s a question I asked him more than once. He would always give me the same answer - Kiyama. We finally decided we have give it a try.

Located on East Qingchun Road, just before you hit East Huancheng Road, you will see a big Chinese seafood restaurant. Kiyama sits quietlyright next to it with a small door welcoming its guests. Kiyama opened its doors in November of last year. Since then, it has been known for its great food, freshness, of course taste, and value. The owner, Mr. Zhu, spent 9 years in Japan. He keeps the restaurant’s style simple, just wooden tables and chairs, and some Tatami VIP rooms.

Kiyami offers three menus; one is a la carte, another is the set lunch menu (a great value), and the last is hand-written on a blackboard. Dishes are designed according to the day’s ingredients or the day’s recommended dishes. Kiyama uses only the best quality ingredients and materials like other high-end restaurants. What’s great about Kiyama is they give you all this high-end fare, while charging a low-end price.

The 45RMB tuna salad, 吞拿鱼蔬菜沙拉, is a refreshing blend of white tuna topped with special sauce, lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and finally doused with tomato salad dressing. The key for the delicious Asparagus Beef Rolls and Roasted Eel, 酱烤鳗鱼, (100RMB) is the deployment of the sauce. It has to be added a just the right time to make this dishes absolutely tasty. We are not a huge fan of eel, but this is probably the best eel we have ever had.

Sashimi goes from 50RMB to 120RMB, sushi from 35RMB to 60RMB, Rib Eye Steak 眼肉牛排are 200RMB/100g. The lunch set menu offers a great quick bite, if you are nearby during lunch time, make sure you try the Chicken Curry with Rice 咖喱饭定食 (35RMB), Curry with Pork Chop and Rice 猪排咖喱饭 (48RMB), and Tempura Rice Set天妇罗定食 (48RMB). The Sushi Set 寿司定食 and Sashimi Set 刺身定食are 78RMB each. A variety of beer and sake are available.

Parking is difficult. Spots on the street are always packed. We wish you luck. Better to take a cab. Some picture menus are available.

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Jia 9-1 Qingchun Road

0571 8791 5330

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 1:30pm, 5:30pm - 10pm
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