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Kameleon Wine Tapas Bar/夕邑红酒廊
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Moving from the west of the city over to the up-and-coming Wake Town in the centre, Kameleon, a small tapas restaurant with a strong emphasis on their wines and authenticity, had already made a quite a name for themselves. The new space itself is very small and intimate, with only a few tables, and decorated to make it feel very Spanish, though the finishing touches were still being added when we visited. Along the wall of the restaurant are the wine coolers, with the menu written up on the glass, of which is also not finalised since we were there during the soft opening.

As for the food, the options were limited, with a total of 9 dishes on offer, we found this to actually be a pleasant break from restaurants that want to do it all, instead they’ve kept things focused, and tried to get everything done right. We started out with the Assorted Bruschetta (38RMB), and Foie Gras Mousse (38RMB), which were both more suited as pre-dinner appetisers, before moving on to the Tortilla Española (38RMB), a traditional Spanish soft omelette made from eggs and potatoes. Following that we had a few heavier dishes including the Gambas al Ajillo (38RMB), a classic Spanish staple consisting of mainly garlic, shrimp, and olive oil, though I personally would’ve loved bigger shrimps and more garlic. We then moved on to the second potato dish of the night, the Potato Croquette (38RMB), a fried breadcrumbed covered roll of mashed potato, which was also one of the larger portion sizes of the night.

Our final two main dishes of the night were the Flamed Chorizo (68RMB), and Slow Roasted Squid (68RMB). The soft-cured Chorizo was one of our favourites, first sautéed in the kitchen, then flamed at our table in front of us until the outside started to blacken. We finished our meal off with the Selected Cheese Plate (68RMB). It’s tapas, so expect small portions; we’d recommend ordering 3/4 dishes per person if you’re there for dinner, but it’s also perfect for ordering a few among a group of friends as a late night snack to go along with the drinks. The wine at Kameleon is a reason on it’s own to have a visit, and once we got there stuck to the recommendations of the helpful foreign hostess, ending up with a lovely bottle of Italian Sangiovese red wine. The selection of wine is pretty huge for such a small place, and is a major part of Kameleon, with bottles that fall in to every price range. Kameleon officially opens this week, and we can’t wait to see what we get from this place later down the road.

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No.104, Building C, 9 Wulin Road
武林路9号Wake Town街区C幢104号

136 0670 8646

Opening Hours:
11am - 1:30am (Tuesday - Sunday)

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