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Jiangnan Famous Stone Garden/江南名石苑
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Everyone has their favorite spot around the lake. Some prefer the quietness of a stroll through Orioles Singing in the Willows. Others might like secludedness of the New West Lake. Still others like the noisy, crowded walk along Beishan road. Yes, we know that we've talked about Beishan an awful lot in the past couple of months, but there is just tons to see there. Right across from Yue Fei's Temple you've got this serene little place on the lake. It's really a nice place to escape. When you can't make it to Kunming but enjoy a tranquil stroll through a stone garden, you can hit it here. Don't go expecting a bunch of rocks. Yes, there are rocks (or stones. What's the diff?), but it's really about the harmonious blending of the earth and the heavens, or that's what we've read. OK, so we don't really understand the fascination with stone gardens, and we certainly wouldn't go all the way to Kunming just to see them (there are plenty other things to check out there), but if you are looking for a quiet place to sit and have a cup of tea or even a meal, find your way to the Jiangnan Famous Stone Garden. Sure there are a few famous stones, but the point is that it's on the lake, so it's really all about the relaxation. This is Hangzhou after all. Tickets: Free; Take bus Y4, Y3, 27, K850, Y9, Y2, K81, and K7 getting off at the Yue Fei's Temple station 岳庙站.

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89 Beishan Road

0571 8797 0738

Opening Hours:
7am – 5pm
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