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Jiangnan Alilang North Korean Restaurant /江南阿里郎音乐餐厅
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Just north of Indian Taste (on Gudun Road) is a North Korean restaurant. By north, I mean, 100 meters up the road; and by North, I mean, north of the 38th parallel.

Jiangnan Arirang offers the unique tastes of the mysterious and always controversial land about which the world truly knows very little. Now, I know you’re probably wondering:What could possibly be on the menu?I can assure you, it’s a lot. (No, no rat burgers.) We were treated to so much good stuff that our group was soon raising the white flag in surrender -- stuffed, and satisfied.

The meal started off with kimchi朝鲜辣白菜 (25RMB), which was one of the better ones I have had. We sampled their North Korean Dried Fish朝鲜棒鱼干 (30RMB), North Korean Mixed Salad朝鲜缤纷大拌菜 (48RMB) and sour cabbage soup朝鲜开胃酸菜锅仔 (50RMB). The dried fish was a bit on the salty side, but it all came together nicely with a tall Tsingtao Dark Beer青岛黑啤酒 (20RMB). The soup was my personal favorite, andwhen the temperatures outsideare a little colder, it will really hit the spot.

The main part of the meal consisted of kimchi pancake韩式泡菜小煎饼 (45RMB), squid rice rolls朝式米鱿鱼 (78RMB), and roasted pork朝式烤五花肉 (58RMB). This was a DIY style salad-wrap consisting of pork, lettuce, onions, garlic, and sauce, to be assembled as you please. Pan-fried pollock煎朝鲜明太鱼 (108RMB) and squid rice rolls朝式米鱿鱼 (78RMB) topped-off our seafood indulgence.

We also tried a rare mushroom prepared in two different styles - grilled Matsutake现烤朝鲜松茸 (188RMB) and Arirang Matsutake pot rice阿里郎松茸石锅饭 (98RMB). I was grateful for the chance to try this mushroom. Therewere no special side effects worth mentioning.

The restaurant’s unique style goes beyond the food,and we were entertained by their all-female band and dancers. This showcaseof North Korean entertainment included high-pitched singing, diners dancing with the band, and some contemporary NoKo soft rock. This amusing cabaretruns everyday during both lunch and dinner. Waitstaff are all young ladies from North Korean.

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Building 1, Zheshang Fortune Center, 99 Gudun Road

0571 8801 0977, 8688 3111

Opening Hours:
11am – 9pm
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