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Jiangbu Lake Restaurant/疆部拉克
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Jiangbu Lake restaurant serves Xinjiang and Kazakhstanifood and is situated north of Hangzhou on Xiaohe Road. The décor is simple wooden tables and chairs, 6 tables on the ground floor and 10 more on the upper level.

The menu is only in Chinese with no pictures, so we will highlight some must-try dishes for our readers. First up, the Xinjiang Naan Fried with Meat (新疆馕炒肉28RMB) was a delicious dish of deep fried naan bread and small pieces of spiced lamb meat topped with raw onions and cilantro. It was quickly devoured and disappeared in no time. Next, theGinger Beef Rib (沙姜牛肋 48RMB for small portion) was spectacular and a big hit at our table. Soft, melt in your mouth morsels of beef served with puffy steamed mantou bread.  The Lamb and Rice Pilaf(羊肉抓饭 18RMB for small portion) was a tasty moist rice dish with lamb and carrots and it was a nice accompaniment for the meat heavy meal.

The other dishes we tried were average. Lamb Skewers (羊肉串 4RMB each). Kazakhstan Potato  (哈萨克土豆 18RMB) a soupy dish of sliced potatoes and lamb. Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken (新疆大盘鸡 88RMB large portion) was on the sweet side and missing the Sichuan peppercorns. We’ve had better Big Plate Chicken at the local Chao Lamian joints. The Roasted Lamb Leg (烤羊前腿 98RMB small portion) was dry and very chewy.

Drinks available were tea (28 RMB), soymilk (15 RMB), beers (6-8RMB), hard liquor (12-138RMB), soft drinks and juices (5-10RMB).

In summary, JiangBuLaKe is rather far away from town, but if you find yourself up in that area the Ginger Beef Rib and Xinjiang Naan Fried with Meat are great choices for a meal.Parking available on the street and smoking allowed.

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4 Xiaohe Road

0571 8819 8949

Opening Hours:
11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm
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