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Ivy Dental Clinic, Haoxin Branch/艾维齿科, 皓欣门诊部
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It's been a strange month at the MORE office. For some reason, we all went to the dentist. There was no mandate, no order from the boss woman or man to do so. It just happened that way. Maybe it's because of the New Year, clean mouth. Anyway, it was about time for some of us, especially those of us who smoke well over a pack a day. Doing the dentist thing is an unwelcome task, especially after hearing all of the horror stories of painful cleanings. The folks at Ivy Dental know that people fear the dentist. That's why they've designed a space to make the experience less nerve-wracking. Located near the #4 Bridge (that's the CBD for you westenders), this place has a great waiting room with a fabulous view off onto the Qiantang River (Hangzhou's other waterway). Right now, though, the view from the dental chair is of construction. But we like it. It's progress. Sure we've been praising the eastside a lot lately, but come one or two years, this part of town is gonna pull in a lot of people. Already they're moving house and home across the bridge to Binjiang. Must be that new McDonalds drive thru. Back to Ivy. The practice is run by three dentists, two of which received their educations overseas, and all of which speak English other languages include Korean and German. Language skills are important when trying to calm someone, and we really appreciated being talked through the process. Their services include: cosmetic dentistry, implants, restoration, root canals, orthodontic and pediatric dentistry. For our first visit, two of us got a simple cleaning. There is one set price for a cleaning unlike at that other dentist where our editor got his done. He had to pay double for an ultra-clean cleaning. The boys at Ivy need only one type of cleaning, and until the end of March if you present them with the voucher printed from our website, you can get one for 130RMB. Now that's a deal. So, bite the bullet, hop in a taxi, and head out east to check out the newest and most modern dentists office in town. Email: Print out the voucher (at the top of this page) for promotion price: 1988RMB (Free Oral Examination and Teeth Cleaning 50% off as well) Promotion lasts until June 30, 2008. Ivy Dental Clinic reserves the right of refusal. 

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Front Gate of Yinzuo Mansion, 97 West Wen’er Rd.

0571 8822 0765

Opening Hours:
9am - 6pm

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