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Inlake Youth Hostel/柳湖小筑青年旅舍
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One of the biggest problems with Nanshan Road is the endless parade of vehicles that attempt to use it as a parking lot. During peak hours, it's truly one of the best ways to acclimate oneself to Hangzhou's famously clogged thoroughfares. Too bad, because Nanshan Road also happens to be home to some of Hangzhou's best tourist hotspots. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just stay somewhere that is perfectly positioned to allow you to simply walk to every destination? Why can't there be a reasonably priced place that offers all the comforts of home for travelers who don't necessarily need 5-star luxury appointments? Wait a minute, there is such a place! The InLake Youth Hostel has everything from 6-bed dorm-style rooms for super cheap (70RMB) to standard rooms (398RMB weekdays, 418RMB weekends), and even a “West Lake View Room” (428RMB weekdays, 448RMB weekends) that will amaze those who think they are too “refined” for budget accommodations. We were highly impressed with the amount of work the owners put into making InLake an inviting, picturesque, and relaxing environment that features a tiny garden in the center, and creative décor that bristles with southern European style from wall-to-wall, which made it feel much like a quaint Spanish villa. The café/bar also delivered on excellent western food choices. We had an American Breakfast (30RMB), and cold Erdinger White (45RMB) among other goodies, but the food wasn't the only highlight, since the rooms and guest services were really what blew us away. Along with free Wi-Fi, drinking water, self-service laundry and kitchen, the private rooms additionally offer TV, central air conditioning and heating, and 24 hours of hot showers. Of course, the reception desk also provides free luggage holding and info. For the latest updates, you'll want to go online ASAP and view because they have many promotions and specials for members and non-members alike.

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5 Lvyang Road

0571 8682 6700

Opening Hours:
7am - 2am
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