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IDEA 166 LOFT/理想·丝联166小组 创意产业园
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Maybe it's just us. Who knows? But for many years, we've been looking for a cool office. Not that we don't like traditional office spaces. They're great. Buildings around the Yellow Dragon offer fantastic options. They're just not us. We sometimes wear flip flops to the office. We don't want the central air to turn off automatically at six o'clock. We like to keep the iTunes blasting at levels that even keep our editor out and he reveres Pantera the way Haydn did Mozart. Not to mention it's much easier to pass wind in the stairway of an older building. Elevators in new offices buildings require self-control. We've been looking for a cool space, but we're often just a little too late. Right when we find a space that's right, we find out it's full. Funky places are few and far between. In Shanghai, it seems like they are a dime a dozen. It's often impossible to find the landlord of a building, let alone a small room in a small building that been around for more than thirty years. Loft 49 been filled up for ages. The space that's joined to the Me Too Cafeacute; (see page 32) was well full before it was even completed. <br /> <br /> Putting this piece in the magazine might just put us out of luck one more time, but sometimes we have to put our readers before us. Well we do that quite often, but why break precedence? The folks that did the Me Too Café have a new spot down by the Grand Canal, and it is the kind of place many of us have been dreaming about. It's in an old warehouse, and it butts right up against the water. Some of it practically sits over the water. Spaces are empty and, they can be done up the way each tenant desires. Now normally, we reserve this section for tourist spots, but it is on the Grand Canal, so why not? It's a little tricky to find, but that's nothing a phone call can't solve. And please don't think this is some sort of soft advertisement promoting a friend's place. We don't know the guy. The guy would never have put the news of his office space in our magazine, so we just did it ourselves. We assume some of you might be seeking a wild office space yourself, so we are giving you the heads-up before it's too late. Ticket: free; Busses: Take bus 151, 23, 591, 816 and 63.

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166 Lishui Road (Opposite to Jinchang Wenhua on Jinhua Road)


Opening Hours:
7am - 10pm
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