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Having done the interior design for many other restaurants, when it came time to design her own restaurant, the owner of Hustle Bistro wanted to take her time to get things just right. First came the selection of the building site. Hustle Bistro occupies the corner unit of a building on Zhijiang Road, facing the Qiantang River. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows wrap around the restaurant in an L-shape, giving diners a view of the Fuxing Bridge.

A clear view of Fuxing Bridge is important for the next special design element. At night, the restaurant’s lights will change colour in coordination with the changing coloured lights on Fuxing Bridge. A customer sitting inside Hustle Bistro will get the feeling of being immersed in the surroundings. 

To further push the idea of being at one with the universe, some video screens hanging above the center of the dining area show moving images of stars and galaxy scenes.

The name of the restaurant, Hustle Bistro, takes inspiration from the notion that life is a hustle bustle, so let’s have a nice place to sit down with friends, have a drink and take a break. The restaurant’s Bose sound system makes it really nice to listen to music here, and a band will play live 1 or 2 times a week also.

The bartender will create special cocktails to fit the seasons, using fresh fruits like peaches, strawberries and lychees. On tap, there’s Hoegaarden and Tiger beers. 

On the food side, there is a strong focus on seafood – in seafood soups (98RMB), grilled Poseidon BBQ skewers (78RMB), deep-fried in combination platters (398RMB) and in Seafood Rice (78RMB). 

They make a pretty good Beef Hamburger (88RMB) and the Cheese Beef Nachos (48RMB) are fine for a nibble.

Breakfast is available from 8:30am.

Afternoon tea is served from 2-5pm. For 258RMB, you’ll get fruits, sandwiches, hamburger sliders, chocolate brownie, matcha mousse, tiramisu and 2 drinks. Or for 88RMB, you can choose waffles with strawberry sundae.

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Zancheng Center, 618 Zhijiang Road

0571 8718 7656

Opening Hours:
8:30am - 2am
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