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Hua Gui Tea and Wine Restaurant/花桂茶酒坊
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Manjuelong Road has a lot of neat places to eat. We’ve known about Hua Gui Tea and Wine Restaurant for a long time. A friend of ours once made us promise not to put it in the magazine if he took us there. It was his hidden secret. He didn’t want the place to be jammed with people like its neighbor at the Jiangnanyi Youth Hostel. He’s since left Hangzhou, so we feel like we don’t have to keep Hua Gui a secret anymore. Though not as crowded, we like it even better than Jiangnanyi. This is the kind of place we take people who are not from Hangzhou when we want to show them a place they would never have found on their own. All have been more than impressed. Although it’s not fancy in a impress a first date sort of way, you’ll fancy this place nevertheless. No jacket is required. For that matter, we don’t think a shirt is required either. 

Take a look at the menu we’ve included and definitely order one of the barbequed dishes. Though not too big, the Stone Beef is fantastic. The Immortal dishes do not fall short of their name as well. We warn you to keep the menu we’ve included because Hua Gui is the kind of place people visit more than once. If we were kind, we might even print out a bunch of copies, laminate them, and give them to the restaurant. If the restaurant were kind, they might get some beer that is a little stronger than the light stuff they serve. Having said that, if the beer were any stronger, how would anyone be able to do all of the required toasting at the dinner table? 

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51 Siyanjing, Manjuelong Road

0571 8797 9899

Opening Hours:
9:30am - 9:30pm
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