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Honeymoon Dessert, Hubin Branch/满记甜品,湖滨店‎
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Hubin Road has seen more changes than a chameleon walking though a double rainbow. Nowadays it’s got a unique combination of fast food and luxury super-shops. No trip to Hangzhou is complete without a stroll down the tree-lined center of town. Fork out the cash on a shirt from Dolce Gabbana before cutting through a pie at Papa John’s. The Hyatt does some mean martinis in their bar overlooking the lake. Ferrari will dress you like an F1 racer. Skap will keep the stink off even the smelliest feet. Dairy Queen does hotdogs and blizzards. Barossa does the outdoor beers. McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, are right alongside Armani, Swarovski, and Hermes. The fountain show goes off around 7 PM. It’s a street of variety and different dialects. Guys sometimes offer massage services. It’s highbrow and lowbrow all at the same time. And if that’s not enough, now we’ve got the durian. 

HoneyMoon Desserts is a place to enjoy the sweet a la Hong Kong. While durian might not be everyone’s cup of tea (it’s got an odor like no other), it’s supposed to be a nice warm-up for some in between the sheets game time. They’ve also got plenty of other wacky frozen concoctions, and fruity mixes. It’s no Dairy Queen to say the least. Trying to explain some of the combinations would be anything but “fruitless.” (Take some time to compose yourself.) Aside from the straight-forward juices, everything provoked looks of intrigue. It was all good, but it was a bit weird. If anything else, this place could be a fantastic place to take a date. Instead of directly asking if your date would like to go home with you, you could be a little crafty. Feign innocence. “Hey, what’s this? Have you ever had durian? Should we try a bit?” The answer just might predict the evening to come.   

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98 Youdian Road

0571 8706 7050

Opening Hours:
10am - 12am

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