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Hefang Snack Street/清河坊美食街
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This place is for street food junkies. People eagerly dart from stall to stall, buying some eats and munching away as they seek out the next interesting thing to try. And there are a helluva lot of things to try. Eating here can be a lot of work though; it's not for the feint of heart. But pushing your way through the crowds and fighting for a seat are part of the dining adventure. Seating is extremely limited, so it's best to come with at least three people. This way you can engage in what can only be described as tag team dining. Two remain at the table while the third scours the street for goodies, bringing them back to the tribe like a proud little hunter. As she sits down to nosh, the next person is set loose for his turn at trolling. And on it goes until the crew is all full up. Here are some pointers for Hefeng Snack Street virgins. First, definitely avoid the weekends (the crowds are unbearable), and try to go around five in the evening to avoid the dinner crowd. When you first get there, stake out your territory. Yeah, it's ok to grab a skewer to munch on while you search, but you really need a spot so that you can go through all of your stuff once collected. Another thing, and this might turn some people off, there are a lot of hungry men walking around, waiting for people to finish their food so that they can grab the leftovers. If you are feeling charitable, overbuy and leave some good stuff for them. Finally, things are around five kuai here, so it's best to come with a bunch of small bills and stick them where you've got easy access to them. Need we caution you about watching your stuff in crowds? The snack street experience is, well, an experience, and while we are not big fans of Hefeng street we leave it to the tourists for this kind of food, with such a concentrated selection, it is a necessary evil. Just push your way through the crowds, ignore the beggars (or give to them if you are so inclined), watch your food and wallet, and dig in! You can grab: <br /> Hairy Meatballs 狮子头 shi zi tou; Camel Skewers 驼肉串 tuo rou chuan; Venison Skewers 鹿肉串 lu rou chuan; Goose Wings 烤鹅翅 kao e chi; Duck Neck 鸭脖子 ya bo zi; Duck Chin 鸭下巴 ya xia ba; Over Bridge Noodles 过桥米线 guo qiao mi xian; Sticky Rice Wrapped in Leaves 粽子 zong zi; Golden Cake 黄金糕 huang jin gao.

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Hefang Street


Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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