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He Diu Yizhixie/喝丢一只鞋
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The Chinese name of this Dongbei BBQ restaurant is quite humorous: 喝丢一只鞋 means you have drunk so much that you lost a shoe. We visited during lunchtime and the customers were quite tame, but this restaurant has an “anything goes” atmosphere, and we can easily imagine that things can get rowdy at night and customers can lose more than a shoe. They are located at Xinyifang Pedestrian Street, a pleasant area with restaurants and bars along a tree-lined canal.

To sustain you on your alcohol fueled adventure, the restaurant’s main claim to fame is BBQ. Every table is outfitted with a fume hood to suck up the smoke. The waiters will bring little stoves with charcoal for you to cook the food yourself.

You’ll find a mix of dishes and flavours from Dongbei and the surrounding region. There’s your typical Lamb Skewers (羊肉串) with cumin spice on the side for you to sprinkle. Scallions Pulled from Dry Land (旱地拔葱) is similar to Beijing Style Shredded Pork Wrap with saucy shredded meat and scallions in thin tofu wraps.

Then there’re some Korean influenced dishes like the BBQ Fatty Beef (烤肥牛), think Korean BBQ sauce flavour but with Chinese hot pot fatty beef. The result is tender, well marinated, sweet tasting meat. BBQ Pork Belly (烤五花肉) comes with lettuce leaves for wrapping and dipping sauces just like in a Korean restaurant, and the Cold Soba Noodles (荞麦冷面) are also very Korean.

Other BBQ items include Fresh Prawns (烤大虾), Mantou Slices (烤馒头片), Enoki Mushrooms (烤金针菇) and Dongbei Style Sausages (纯东北烤风干肠).

One dish that really opened our taste buds was the Marinated Mixed Vegetables (拌花菜), a sweet and spicy mix of cucumbers, carrots, onions, black ear fungus and tofu skin.

The average cost per person is 100RMB. For that money, we had plenty to eat and a couple rounds of drinks. Chinese only menu.

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55-58 Xinyifang Commercial Street, Caoying Lane

0571 8709 2589, 8709 6289

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2pm, 5pm - 1:30am

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