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Hangzhou Si-cheng Church/杭州市基督教会思澄堂
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Si-Cheng Church is the extant unique age-old church in Hangzhou, located at No. 132 Jie-fang Road, having a history of 79 years. Its denominational background is the Northern Presbytery of America.. In 1868, a Chinese minister whose name was Zhang Cheng-Zhai rented a house as a worship place in Pi-shi Lane. Later on, when the Christians increased, a new church building was set up on Jie-fang Road in 1927, costing 60 thousand silver yuan. This was a brick-wood building in three storeys with the shape of a cross and in an old Chinese style. In memory of the first Chinese minister, Zhang Cheng-Zhai, the church was named “Si-Cheng Church”. (“Si” means “thinking of”.) The first appointed minister was Fan Guang-Rong.
    During the Cultural Revelution, the church was occupied by the Hangzhou Library. In 1981, according to the Religious Policy, Si-Cheng Church was reopened. The numbers of Christians increased every year. Now, there are three services every Sunday. The congregation has amounted to 5000. On the week days, there are Youth Meeting, Bible Study and Prayer meeting, Inquirers’ Class, Choir Rehearsal and etc. There are also very often Wedding Services and Funeral Ceremonies. Every first Sunday of the month we have Holy Communion, and in every July of the year we have Baptism. At the present, besides our pastor-in-charge, Rev. Sun Xi-Pei, there are pastors Xu Si-Xue, Huang Wen-Jun, Gu Yue-Se, Zhang Xiao-Fa, Zhan Wei-Bin, Elders Tian Mei-Ling and Tian Li-Jie and co-workers Xu Fa-Zhen and Chen Wei.
    Hangzhou is a famous city of our country for sceneries and travels. Therefore, Si-Cheng Church is not only a meeting place for Christians , but also an important “window” of Hangzhou. It is playing its initiative role in joining the construction of three civilizations and in propagating the religious freedom in our country. Numerous tourists all over the country and oversea visitors come here the whole year round. Therefore, many foreign friends come to Si-Cheng Church very often.

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132 Jiefang Road

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