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Hangzhou American-Sino OB/GYN/Pediatrics Hospital /杭州美华妇儿医院
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You’ll make plenty of decisions during pregnancy and choosing where to give birth is one of the most important. The miracle of life is beautiful and yet at the same time can cause many new mothers to be nervous or fearful. Finding the right doctor and hospital can alleviate these fears. American-Sino OB/GYN/Pediatrics Hospital founded in 2013 is the first private hospital supervised by a Harvard Medical School team and has the most advanced, thoughtful, and internationally planned services available in Hangzhou. Truly, the same level of care you would experience in the best hospitals in America is available here. Upon entering their pristine obstetrics and gynecology waiting room is the first indication of the high level service available here. All hospital personnel are fluent in both Chinese and English, and dress in Western style nursing clothing. But more importantly their warmth and kindness gives a very homelike feeling to what is generally a rather cold and stressful experience. Soothing music plays in the comfortable Western décor waiting room where you will see three to five women waiting for their appointments. There are no long cues here, no flickering lights or cold dark corridors. This bright welcoming hospital is on par with any modern international hospital worldwide. On our visit to American-Sino obstetrics and gynecology department we were able to experience the same checkup a pregnant woman at 24-28 weeks would experience. Dr. Harold Michlewitz, formerly of Harvard Medical School, gave one of the most personable and thorough checkups that can be imagined. The appointment began with a nurse ushering us into a private examination room to do some basics tests, followed by an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) testing for gestational diabetes. The hospital provides every patient with a Chinese/English pregnancy related packet containing information on premature labor, labor symptoms, pregnancy checklist, and information about procedures. After the oral glucose tolerance test, we were taken into another examination room to proceed with Dr. Michlewitz. American-Sino Hospital prides itself on understanding the cultural differences between east and west, this was evident in the deep cultural sensitivity and understand displayed by Dr. Michlewitz. While he has only worked in Hangzhou since January 2013, he has come many times before to deliver lectures on obstetrics and epidural anesthesia in Kunming, Hangzhou, and Ningbo. Dr. Michlewitz’s warmth and kindness are only outshined by his attention to detail and immense knowledge regarding pregnancy. He has been practicing medicine since 1971 and worked for many prestigious hospitals in Massachusetts such as Tufts New England Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and finally Harvard Medical School. To begin with Dr. Michlewitz asked questions regarding the patient’s last period, to get an idea of the due date. Women do not always remember when their last period was, and in some cases pregnancy can occur before the last period a woman experiences. Dr. Michlewitz explained that a diagnosis could rendered on the basis of an ultrasound as well. Earlier ultrasounds give a better prediction for a due-date, because lower percentage of error. The late term termination of a fetus is available in China, but is something that most mothers would certainly like to avoid (he pointed out); and thus, having these tests done early is best. A urine test follow to determine if any STDS are present in the mother, as these may affect the fetus. This testing is not commonly administered, since many Chinese mothers have had only one partner; but Dr. Michlewitz stressed that this test will become more important in the future in China as people start to have multiple partners before marriage. Following the urine test we got to listen to the baby move around and kick -- an astounding thing. The realization that there is a little life moving around inside a mother is simply awe-inspiring. What followed took our breath away. We then went into the ultrasound room for the structural study of the fetus. It should be mentioned the hospital uses warm lubricant jelly, just one of many ways they go out of their way to ensure the patient a pleasant experience. There we got to see the face of the little tiny human that we won’t be meeting till February. (According to Dr. Michlewitz, the baby might arrive in time to be a Valentines Day present.) While it is against the law to inform Chinese parents the sex of their child, Chinese women with foreign husbands and any non-national woman are allowed to know the sex of their child. Dr. Michlewitz finally reviewed all the test results and explained that while the results come in Chinese they can be translated for foreign parents. The whole process was never rushed, and in addition to the test results Dr. Michlewitz discussed a number important topics, including exercise and sex during pregnancy. Any fears that a mother might arrive with will disappear entirely upon entering the American-Sino Hospital. The highly qualified medical team places great importance in the health of the mother and her precious cargo. The hospital is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm, and parking is available. Their website is easy to use, and they have business with international insurance companies. American Sino Hospital takes the stress out of choosing the right place to have your baby. If you want to know more, please call 0571-86598888/86598835.

2015-06-02 15:50:38
I went here very hesitantly because I was having complications with an IUD and couldn't wait until I got back to the US. And I had a wonderful experience! Dr. Mark Fan was so friendly and competent. He validated all of my concerns and performed the needed treatments quickly and effectively. His staff was also very courteous and it was easy to get around without speaking Chinese. It felt like an "American" clinic, and I was so relieved! Will for sure be returning if ever a need arises!
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558 Middle Zhongshan Road

0571 8659 8888

Opening Hours:
9am - 5pm (Mon.-Sat.)

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