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Hai Gang Macau Chaffy Dish Restaurant, Hubin Branch/海港澳门豆捞(湖滨店)
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We've always wanted to try Hai Gang in the past but were never bold enough. On our countless trips to Banana Leaf, we'd glance over to the right and then notice the Ferraris, Mercedes and Porches out front and sober up to the fact that maybe we didn't have enough cash in our pocket to cover the tab. But, as you know, we've been fixing ourselves up a bit and pinching just enough kuai to step foot into places like this. It's our responsibility to you, the readers (how magnanimous of us). After all, not everyone in town has to eat fang bian mian and order Cool beer by the sixes. The opening of the new Hai Gang, directly across the street from the original, gave us all the motivation we needed to finally check out what a Macau hot pot really is.

We'd like to first point out that this place is too hoity toity to call itself a hot pot restaurant. Instead, they opt for chaffy dish. Come on guys, it's hot pot, granted it's upscale, but huo guo nonetheless. We opted to hit the newer location which has great windows on the second floor looking out Hubin road way. Well, actually it looks out onto the original place (obsess much?). Unfortunately, we weren't wearing the right garb to get seated there, but it's definitely a choice spot if you can get it.

With such pretentiousness, we were shocked when handed not a menu but a piece of paper. A bit low rent, no? This is the circle-what-you-want variety of restaurants. The choices were surprisingly varied though, with pot fillers ranging in price from 12 to 680 yuan (that would be the Kobe beef). There's also an interesting selection of pots like Seafood, Thai and Satay. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is relaxed, with well-spaced tables and soothing music, unlike the usual, cram-in-as-many-people-as-you-can hot pot places. The service is also what you'd expect in such a place, and then there's the biggest plus: you don't go home smelling all spicy like. A modest dinner for two will run you around 300 kuai, but if you're looking for a pleasant chaffy dish dining experience, it's money well spent.

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1/F, 39 Hubin Road

0571 8702 5666

Opening Hours:
11am – 5am

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