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Gu Pu Liang Shi/古铺良食
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Gu Pu Liang Shi brings Quzhou’s famous snack foods to Hangzhou. Located on Xueshi Road, near Longxiangqiao metro stop, it is already very popular, with lines coming out the door. You should aim to come early for lunch as some items sell out fast.

With Chinese lanterns dangling from the ceiling, wood lattice window screens, square wood tables and benches, Gu Pu Liang Shi has a strong Chinese character. It seems there’s a growing trend these days in the revival and celebration of Chinese culture.

Their must-try item is the Pork Bun (土猪肉包子, 10RMB for 4). It’s very yummy with juicy and savoury meat inside a steamed bun. There was a tasty Green Onion Meat Roll (葱花肉, 15RMB) with a meat and green onion filling wrapped in a crispy skin that was not oily at all. The Wonton Soup (清潮馄饨, 12RMB) was also nice with well-seasoned meat filling and thin wrapper skin that had a spongy texture.

Quzhou food tends towards spicy, which we discovered with the Qujiang Jiangguo (衢江酱粿, 12RMB for 2) – a green skinned dumpling filled with spicy tofu – and the Kecheng Kaobing (柯城烤饼, 10RMB for 3), a fried bun with a spicy pork and green onion filling.

The snacks here range from 7-18RMB. At such a low price you can try many different kinds until you find the ones you like. For drinks, there’s soy milk, herbal tea, beer and fermented sweet rice alcohol. 

Chinese only menu. Parking is available or take the metro as the restaurant is just outside Longxiangqiao metro stop, Xueshi Road exit.

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42 Xueshi Road

0571 8535 7119

Opening Hours:
8am - 2am

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