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Green Tea Restaurant, Longjing Branch/绿茶,龙井店
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Green Tea Restaurant is no longer new, but it’s still as huge a success as it was when it first opened. It’s not uncommon for people to spend two hours queued up to try their food. Is it that good? Well, Green Tea recently just opened up in Beijing, expanding the brand, and we’ve heard it’s already been visited by movie stars like Faye Wong and Liu Jialing.


Simply put, Green Tea is awesome. It’s no French Chalet by any means. No jacket is required, and it’s too much like a country fair for a romantic date, but when anyone wants the Hangzhou dining experience, Green Tea is it, especially in summer. They’ve got draught beer, fresh fruit juices (get at least one glass of the lemon with local grapefruit juice), and a plethora of desserts. Our peanut smoothie made us all wish were a little bigger so we could eat more. This review is way too short to start going into the food, but we have to mention the mandatory barbeque pork and chicken. The Green Tea Signature Pot Rice Soup is unique. The classic Glass Noodles Fried with Cabbage and the Cabbage Stir-Fry in Lingnan Bean Sauce are both superb. They also keep updating their menu every two or three months, adding new dishes, so there’s always something you’ve not tried. If you are a chili lover, don’t miss their Signature Boiling Spicy Fish and Signature Spicy Frog. The menu is listed on a few signboards and posters with photos and English. If that’s not convenient enough for you, they also have paper menus, where you can just tick off the dishes you want. Check out our pictures. Both the outdoor and indoor seating is replete with views of tea fields and a coy pond. Parking is available, and the wait staff will call you a taxi when needed. They’re also opened late, if you want to avoid the dinner rush.

BBQ Pork
2008-10-31 20:23:48
Highly recommend the BBQ pork. Really good...
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83 Longjing Road

0571 8788 8022

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 12pm
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