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Gan Qi Shi, Chaohui Branch/甘其食, 朝晖路二店
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We’re sure you’ve all had baozi, especially the ones from Gan Qi Shi, but have you been to their new baozishop that also sells coffee and fresh juice? You can actually sit down and enjoy your breakfast café style. Welcome to their latest innovation: Gan Qi Shi Bao Bao.

This shop, located near the junction of Chaohui and North Zhonghe roads, has a table and two chairs outside, and as soon as you walk in, you will see the open kitchen, green plants and flowers on every wooden table; the design style is very Muji. You can’t help but wonder if they actually do sell baozi?

The menu is in Chinese and English. In addition to their classic pork baozi and bok choy baozi, they also have some fusion going on like Apple BBQ Porkbaozi, Spinach Bacon Cheese baozi and Sweet Macadamia Nut and Cheese baozi. The prices are a little higher than the normal baozi, between 2.5RMB to 7RMB.

On the drinks menu, you can not only have 10RMB fresh juice, like cucumber and pear or carrot apple ginger but also can try the pu’er tea (10RMB), drip filter coffee (10RMB), wild black tea (12RMB) or even dark/medium/light beer for 30RMB (but this one maybe you should hold off on until you are eating your afternoon baozi).

Things are really changing. No longer do you have to eat your bagged baozi on the run. You can take your time in the morning and go to Gan Qi Shi Bao Bao to enjoy your breakfast. Seems like Gan Qi Shi is really taking the brand to another level. English menu, parking is available roadside.

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175-2 Chaohui Road

0571 8805 1385

Opening Hours:
6:30am - 9pm

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