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Gaifang Sichuan Restaurant /盖方川菜馆
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Between Gudun and Zijinghua Roads you’ll find an unassuming new place on West Wenyi Road that’s serving up spicy, authentic, dishes that taste like they came straight from Sichuan, which is great because it is a Sichuan restaurant. It’s called Gaifang, which is the name of the proprietor’s ancestral village back in Sichuan, where fragrant, spicy, sweat-inducing cuisine is the name of the game. Never ones to turn down a spice challenge, we gathered the MORE Crew and headed out west for a lunch and put our taste buds to task.

The interior of this place is clean and simple with 2-stories worth of seating, but this place isn’t about ambiance, it’s about eating. We started off with two clay pot dishes, one chicken and one cauliflower, 38RMB and 18RMB respectively. The chicken was a spice lover’s delight with tender morsels of chicken found throughout the mass of various hot peppers and spices that carry this dish. The cauliflower, while not spicy, was packed with flavor from an absolutely delicious sweet soy braise. The longer you let that one cook at the table the tastier it gets. The mapodoufu (12RMB) was as authentic as you could get and sent more than one of our crew into a fit of sweats, but no one complained, or stopped scooping it hungrily into their mouths. Up next, was the Spicy Chongqing Black Fish (38RMB), and again the spice note made your hair stand on end, but we dove in undeterred anyway. Come on, it’s supposed to hurt a little. It’s good for your qi. Besides, all it’s going to take is one taste of that robust broth and tender fish to get you hooked.  

With all this spicy we were happy to see that ice-cold Tsingtao stubbies (our favorite Tsingtao) were only 5RMB/bottle. For the more adventurous, there is also homemade orange wine (5RMB/glass) which is essentially a giant jar of 100-proof (at least) baijiu with a couple oranges thrown in for laughs. Needless to say, those at our table who ventured down this road went from zero to blotto in under 5 minutes. On the upside, the alcohol burn cancels out the chili burn, and at least one of our diners swore they could see through time. Apparently they had visions of us in the future coming back to Gaifang and doing the exact same thing we did for lunch. For fantastic Sichuan food, fast and friendly service, all at a price that won’t break the bank, Gaifang is the place. Some parking. No English menu at this time.    

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437 West Wenyi Road

186 6807 3158

Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm
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