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Friendship Hotel, Hangzhou/杭州友好饭店
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There was a time in Hangzhou when the only way to get anything even remotely resembling Western food, one had to traipse off to one of the big hotels and hope that the innumerable stews (and there was not a lot else) hadn't been left stewing there for more than 3 or 4 hours.

At the time, these buffets had little fresh food, almost no imported foods and cost an arm and a leg we would wait for HIBA to thrash down the price and go along with them.

These days there are quite a few quality buffets, and the latest one to join the ranks is on the top floor of the Friendship Hotel on Pinghai Road. The old Japanese Restaurant has been completely revamped, to the point of actually making the floor area bigger. How one does that on the 25th floor Paul, the German Chef, says is by creating bay windows. One of the main features of this restaurant is the view over the whole of Yan'an Road, Pinghai Road and West Lake. On a good day, you can see both Baochu and Leifeng Pagodas. By grabbing one of those bay windows, at the very least, you are in for a bit of real life macro-theatre as Hangzhou's bicycles bustle, boats embark and cars collide beneath you.

The buffet is extensive, with a selection of Japanese cold foods, many hot dishes from all over the world, and an array of desserts for those of you still with space to fill. The serving stations are thoughtfully placed far apart, so there is no unseemly scramble for the dishes, and there's plenty of room for the numerous staff to replace food regularly. Our own table was piled high with shrimp, sashimi, roast filet of beef, lasagne, bread-crumbed fish and loads more. Paul popped by regularly to check that everything was going down well.

If you make it to the Friendship Hotel, look out for him. You can't miss the beaming face in the huge hat. He will for sure take you under a wing and point out the best bits. 

Dinner: 5:30pm - 9pm 388RMB/person.

Tane McLeay
2016-12-07 08:52:12
Ate here last night - amazing view from the 20th floor revolving restaurant. However nothing about the welcome, food or service indicates a four or five star hotel.It'd only worth going for the view.
2011-11-17 23:19:15
Hi everybody! I'm leaving in Hangzhou for more than a year already and have been to many eating places here. To be honest the quality of Western food in the majority of these places is just ok. But there are some places which are really nice like this one.The buffet is wonderful. It has a lot of kinds of meat,salads,lovely Western brad (not sweet),seafood,Japanese food, and a lot of different cakes and ice cream. And the best thing is that you can eat as much as you want. The restaurant is near Lake Sihu on the 20-th floor. The place has large windows and the scenery is amazing,especially when it's dark outside. I've been there only once, but I'm sure I'll return there really soon=)
2011-03-25 23:25:38
I went to Friendship Hotel's Restaurant several times. I must say, food over there is delicious. I find it a bit pricey though. But going there once in a while is so worth paying. Japanese seafood, Chinese dishes, Western food - they have it all. And after dinner you can even have Haagen Dazs icecream as much as you want. They also have all kinds of awesome european/american style cakes. (I'm a Chocoholic.) Last time a went there one week ago. One thing though: the information on this website is a lil bit too old. Now breakfast is 108 rmb, lunch 138 rmb, dinner 331 rmb. And the restaurant is on the 20th floor (there are only 20 floors in that hotel). The view is just amazing. Especially if it's not raining, then you can actually see the whole Westlake. Don't go there, if the weather is bad.
Big Mistake
2009-05-26 01:12:56
I am not sure how old the review is for the buffet at the Friendship Hotel but we went there on Sat. (05/16/09)...the price was 168 rmb each, but we wanted filet of beef so we stayed.There is no filet of beef. The Beef, chicken and pork are mostly fat. We are not hard to please, (we have been living in China for 3 years) but this was a major disappointment!!!!!
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