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Four Seasons Jin Sha/金沙厅
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Splendor comes in many forms, and the MORE crew is no stranger to the allure of the finer things in life. We are always quick to take a look at what the upper crust is doing these days, and it just so happens we were invited to check out the new Jin Sha Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel, located right on the edge of scenic West Lake. While we can't say we succeeded in showing off the best table manners, or bringing any intellectually stimulating conversation to the table, we can say one thing; we know food. This is one venue that didn't disappoint when it came to serving up dishes visitors to our fair city will be enthralled with, time after time. With a spacious and elegant main dining room that holds about 80, the restaurant is impressive enough for even the most discerning of diners. However, it's the 16 private dining rooms that really set this venue apart. Awesome views of the lake and amazing landscaping completely surround the hotel, transporting guests to a serene place that serves to enhance the overall experience. Our lunch consisted of some creative and inspired dishes, such as a salty and well-balanced Yellow croaker with black bean sauce, succulent Shanghai-style braised pork with abalone in a sweet soy sauce, and even a playful steamed bun filled with oats that was formed into the shape of a pig's head. What's not to love about delicate arrangements that offer some fun as well? You'll find plenty to keep your mind - as well as your mouth - working at Jin Sha. The truth is that we were all having a blast, and sharing in the good times even as we were just trying to keep from overdoing it. It's easy to see how this venue, with its prestigious Four Seasons touch, will offer locals and tourists alike, a place to call their guilty secret. Food of this caliber, and the subsequent dining experience that makes it all the more worth your while, comes at a price, but the best things in life always do. 

2015-05-22 15:04:40
Along with Hubin 28, these two restaurants are the best Chinese restaurants in town, classy and exquisite, not cheap either, bring your wallet!
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Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake, 5 Lingyin Road

0571 8113 5188

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2pm, 5:30pm - 10pm

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