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Fly Fish/飞鱼海鲜面
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If, like us, when you’re munching on a bowl of noodles you suddenly get a craving for a nice refreshing beer, you’re in luck. Fly Fish has got you covered. Walking on in, a few things caught our eye: the large fridges stocked full of beer, and the huge motorbike parked right at the door. The owner has added many personal touches to the interior, and since he’s a motorbike enthusiast, scattered all around are bits of biking memorabilia. As you may have guessed from their name, fish plays an important part, with most dishes containing seafood of some sort. Ordering is done at the counter with the selection written up on a blackboard, all including the English.

Most people who come in will be partaking in a tasty bowl of noodles. As such, we tried the Noodles with Yellow Croaker and Preserved Vegetable (32RMB), and although the taste and size was good, we thought it was weird for a noodle dish to contain such a boney fish. We went on to try the Noodles with Braised Beef and Tomatoes (28RMB), which was much more to our liking, with big chunky tender pieces of beef. The Taizhou owner brought a taste of his hometown to the restaurant in the speciality called 包年糕Rice Cake Wrap (25RMB), a great accompaniment to the noodles. The wrap is made from grilled rice cake with chicken and vegetables stuffed inside. These specialties can be hard to come by and are definitely worth checking out.

Hangzhou is well known for its wealth, so many restaurants offer a piece of luxury for their guests; Fly Fish is no different. In complete contrast to the well-priced noodles, we were served a Spanish Sausage Platter (258RMB) to share, followed by a huge Seafood Platter (568RMB) featuring crab, mussels and various other shellfish. They may be priced a little high and not very fitting for this kind of restaurant, but both platters used high quality ingredients and didn’t disappoint us. A new menu featuring these items and more is in the works.

What really makes this noodle restaurant different from the others is its wide range of beers from across the globe. We knocked back a few local craft beers and, in keeping with the luxury theme, rare imported beers that’ll give your wallet a right wee fright. Located nearby Huanglong Stadium. Street parking available. Smoking permitted. 

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Room A1, 1/F, 5 Huanglong Road

0571 8797 6516

Opening Hours:
10am - 10:30pm
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