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Fengji Beijing Food/冯记食铺
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We’ve known Joey for a long time, from back when he was at JZ Hangzhou, and he was the manager there. A typical Beijing dude, he's tall, speaks very fast, and with a strong Beijing accent. A few years later, his Beijing hot pot restaurant King Pot became many people’s best choice for hot pot. Not only you could have authentic lamb spine hot pot and Sichuan hot pot, but you also could get to taste a few Beijing snacks. "I wanted to open a Beijing snack restaurant simply because there is nowhere to eat them, now I can have them any time I want”. Joey recently said.

Located on Youdian Road, his new place is a small restaurant with 6 tables on a small street, and from the open kitchen, you can see an old couple, busy making the dough, and rolling it all out. Later on, Joey told us they used to work in a restaurant in Beijing for a few decades.

For 13RMB to 25RMB, you can have typical Beijing Jingdong Roubing (京东肉饼), and you can see the old chef quickly press the dough into a flat shape, then he wraps around a fist size filling, quickly closes it up, and rolls it into a flat cake. Finally,  it's fried in an electric fryer. Apparently it’s called Jingdong Roubing because it originated in the east of Beijing, and it's the only snack that first came from common folk, and later went on to the royal court. “Some people suggested that I make those roubing smaller, but I didn't want to. I want to keep it just like how they are in Beijing”.

We then tried the Pork and Leek (猪肉大葱 18RMB), and Egg & Chinese Chives (韭菜鸡蛋 13RMB), and we all loved it. You dip it in the chili sauce and wash it down with a bottle of ice cold Beijing ArticOcean soda, and you can scream out in Beijing slang “beier shuang (倍儿爽)!”

“Yesterday, I sold 70 luzhu huoshao (卤煮火烧 25RMB)”. Joey was very proud when he said that. He continues “Luzhu is made from the stomach and the lungs of the pig, and you can use the large intestines or the small ones depending on your personal taste. Huoshao is baked wheat cake without sesame. The one with sesame is shaobing, and huoshao needs to be cut in the shape of character ‘井’.”

Joey also introduced us to the Bao Duer (爆肚儿 45RMB). This is the most historical and most traditional dish in Beijing. It is made from sheep’s stomach, quickly boiled in water, and dipped in mixed sesame sauce before you eat it. It's very crispy. Beijing people actually love to eat it with a bottle of erguotou and sesame shaobing. “We cleaned it really well, and you don’t smell it at all, so it’s very fresh. It has to be eaten right away because if you wait, the taste will change. That's why we don’t sell take-away for this”. He continues, “yesterday there was some dude who rode his bicycle from Gudun Road to come to have this bao duer, and he said he has been looking for this for years in Hangzhou.”

And of course when you're here, you must also the Beijing-style Noodles with Soybean Paste a.k.a Zhajiangmian (炸酱面 18RMB). It is, yet again, one of the most classic and famous dishes in Beijing. In addition to the sauce made from yellow soybean paste, the dish is also served with sliced cucumber, sliced red radish, spring onion, and yellow soybeans. By adding all these things to the noodles, you create a flavorful sauce that is refreshing and balanced in nutrition.

Fengji opens from 10am to 10pm, and if want to eat the authentic Beijing snack food, we strongly recommended you give this place a try.

Parking is very difficult, so we don’t suggest you drive there, but if you must, park in the underground parking of Dongfang Jinzuo.

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10-2, 16 Youdian Road (close to Middle Zhongshan Road)

0571 8505 8361

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

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