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F2 International Go Karts/F2国际赛车馆
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In the late nineties there were two karting places. One was an outdoor track across from Shanshui Renjia on Tianmushan road, and the other was in the basement of the World Trace center. While we enjoyed both of them very much, they might have been a bit ahead of their time.

Now, we've finally got another place, and where else is it but on the top floor of the Car Market down on Shixiang Road. This place is big, but there's no need to worry. Go to the main building, building C, and walk to the back of the showroom to the left-hand side and the last elevator will take you up to the seventh floor. The first two elevators only go up to the sixth. Once up there, we realized how much money someone must have spent on this place. The track is asphalted, and the dividers are imported from Germany (or so we were told). We crashed into them more than a few times and incurred no ill effect. The four stroke Dino cars are also imported and they gave enough power for us to get a bit white knuckle around one or two of the corners. The 600 meter track was designed by Europeans and it's column-free due to the unique structure of the building. Tickets aren't cheap at 60RMB/six minutes or 50RMB/six minutes on the weekdays, but we had so much fun that we had to buy a couple of rounds. Six minutes of decent racing gets the drivers around the track around six times. Our best lap time was 58 seconds. They've also got a bar, 15RMB/bottle of beer, and pool tables making this an afternoon destination.

2009-06-06 23:54:33
First time we went there, it was great - just us. Second time is causing me to post this warning: Do not bring your children there. My 12-year old was sandwiched and rammed intentionally by two guys, one of whom was in his 30s (should no better, I think). Then the same guy kept rear ending me, so I let him come on my side and I rammed him into the barrier. He left, because I was irate and would have taken him outside. The attendants did absolutely nothing. At the finish line, my other son was rammed by a lady who did not stop. My wife took care of her.... Unless you don't care about bodily harm, don't go there.
Lap Time
2008-12-10 23:18:09
Great place for a blast and bags of fun. Go with a few friends to leave with a smile that will last all day. My best time is 46 seconds!
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7/F, Hall C, Hangzhou Automobil City, 589 Shixiang Road

0571 2802 6600

Opening Hours:
10am - 2am
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