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Eudora Station/亿多瑞站
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It was with great anticipation that we finally got to go and try the food at Eudora Station. We've seen the place go from a dingy and dark, overpriced cafe to become one of the nicest places in town. It sits just next to the temple after the Art Academy and Thomas, the designer, really took advantage of the surroundings by opening up the whole south facing wall, and when the weather's nice the view is comparable to the balcony at the Shangri-La. Okay, it's not that good, but it's close. And we could all use a lesson or two when it comes to interior design and here is where that lesson is given with its indirect lighting, friendly wall colors, well-selected art, ceiling fans, and broad, wood-planked floors.

And then there's the food, which is prepared in an immaculate open-for-everyone-to-see kitchen. On about the fifth time we went there last month an accompanying guest mentioned how he would hire a chef to be his lab assistant if he needed a job. He was that clean and meticulous. On our first visit we had the Steak Sandwich (53RMB) which was quite respectable and served on home-made Panini bread with freshly cut fries. On our second visit we had the delicious Caesar Chicken Sandwich (39RMB), and the Garlic Chicken Laffa Wrap (39RMB), which were as big as a child's forearm. Needless to say, we had to take some home in a doggy bag. The Calamari (39RMB) is breaded in a not so typical style served with two nice sauces, and the draught Tiger beer runs a reasonable 25RMB/pint. Look for happy hours in our event section. Overall, we've sent quite a few picky eaters over there, and we've yet to hear a single complaint. One actually said that he thought it was the best Cheeseburger (55RMB) he had eaten in town. With over five years of history in their first Beijing operation, it looks like Eudora might take over the continental food market in Hangzhou. It's certainly about time.

A great live rock and funk band "Drive By" plays from Wednesday to Sunday.

2016-12-07 08:30:11
Appalling service - slow, thoughtless, no delivery of menus etc. Average food. (pizza is so-so).
2016-07-31 19:30:35
was good and went every week, but now menu has changed and same as anywhere else .. no more Italian chicken !! no point in traveling that distance
Watch your bill
2014-10-02 11:03:47
I've had fun there a few times, and the food and drinks are fairly good. However, I highly suggest to keep track of everything you order as they tend to add extra items you never ordered on the bill and insist you pay for them.
Poor Service
2012-02-02 04:31:51
Went to Eudora today for the second time, and I must say that I left there quite angry. I arrived at Eudora at about 4:45, and at 4:55 my friend and I placed orders for two coffees, expecting to receive the "Tea Time" discount which runs from 2:30-5:00. The bill arrived later and they charged us full price for the drinks. We pointed it out for them and they said, "It's based on when it is entered into the computer." My friend said that the restaurant clock on the wall said we put in our order 5 minutes before 5. They said their wall clock and the PC clock were not synced. However, that was complete BS because I was also looking at phone when we ordered, and my phone also said 4:55. The money itself is not an issue as it wasn't a large amount, but the staff did not want to make any efforts to fix their mistake in order keep a good customer.
I've come around
2010-01-20 00:34:29
Since my last visit at Eudora, I have been back twice. Both times I enjoyed decently prices drinks, since they often have a drink special, and a wonderful western atmosphere. The people are friendly, and the service has been better. I will be going back.
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101-7 Nanshan Road

0571 8791 4760

Opening Hours:
9am - 2am

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