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eShine Eats, Paradise Walk Branch/壹向轻食, 龙湖天街店
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Shine, one of our favourite healthy and budget-friendly restaurants, has completely overhauled their menu and More Magazine went to their newly opened Binjiang Paradise Walk location to sample the goods. The menu now features rice bowls and rice burrito wraps with nutritious ingredients like quinoa and brown rice.

The number of pasta dishes has been reduced down to two pasta bowls, one of which is Beef Stew Pistachio Pesto Pasta Bowl (49RMB), which makes us happy because eShine’s pistachio pesto pasta was our favourite and they actually improved on it by topping it with soft, saucy braised beef.

There’s still a nice selection of sandwiches, like the L.O.X. Avocado Wholegrain Bread Sandwich (39RMB) with an oniony guacamole or the Teriyaki Chicken Focaccia Sandwich (32RMB) with spicy mayo and sweet, grilled chicken on soft focaccia.

The rice bowls have a colourful mix of ingredients like carrots, red cabbage, sweet potato, mushrooms and broccoli. Each bowl will have a protein in the middle, like Roasted Prawn Guava Quinoa Bowl (49RMB) or Grilled Terriyaki Chicken Brown Rice Bowl (39RMB). There are also vegetarian options, like the Sautéed Porcini Poached Egg Quinoa Bowl (49RMB) with thick, fleshy slices of porcini and chewy tea tree mushrooms.

For something a little different, you can try the Spicy Sausage Jasmine Brown Rice Burrito (39RMB). It has spicy Sichuan sausages that will numb your tongue and jasmine flower blossoms to add a floral fragrance. Speaking of flowers, their new Rose Blueberry Caffeine-free Fruity Tea is pretty and has a slightly sour taste.

As always, eShine has some of the best deals in town for fresh juice blends. You can get juice combinations like Guava & Apple, Mango & Passionfruit or Avocado Honey Dew Smoothie for only 29RMB.

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B1-39, LongFor Paradise walk,1515 Jianghan Road

177 4200 5771

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm
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