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Emvon Exuberance Club/康体公社
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Ever wanted to escape the city and go to a private retreat to be pampered and massaged? Well now you can, and the best part about this place is you do not need to leave the city to enjoy the feeling of total serenity. From the moment you walk through the door of Emvon Exuberance Club, you get the feeling of peaceful tranquility and relaxation. The simple yet elegant surroundings envelope your mind and spirit and awaken your senses to what you are about to experience. If you want to be pampered for a few hours, here is what we recommend. Ask for a full body massage or a water massage and get ready to enjoy. A professional massage therapist will lead you upstairs to a private room. You can then unwind while they offer you tea and fruit, or a brandy if you prefer. While this is happening, your private Jacuzzi is being filled with oils and flowers for you to soak your troubles and sore muscles away. Candles, soft lighting and music adorn the room of solid granite and slate and add to the majestic romantic feelings you may have. And yes, for all of you wondering, if you have your better half with you, then you can enjoy the experience together. From here you will be given suitable attire and led into a dimly lit outer room where you can enjoy a wonderful, professional massage with botanical oils and lotions of your choice. We decided at this point to also have facials, which included an incredible face massage. After the massage you can take a private shower, where everything you need is supplied for you from razors to toothbrushes so that you can look your best as you leave. But wait, your experience does not have to end there. Downstairs on the main floor, there is a library-type setting appointed in rare woods and oil paintings that is there for you to enjoy various wines and spirits from their collection. And if this is not your cup of tea, a fully equipped restaurant and coffee bar are waiting for you to indulge yourself. The staff at Emvon is fully qualified in dermatological therapy and treatments, and they are at your service if you have any concerns or requests. An added extra is that the manager and some of the therapists speak English. Rest assured they can make you feel comfortable. Emvon Exuberance Club is the place if you are looking to escape for a few hours to replenish your tired, aching body or you just want to relax in a serene setting at the end of a hard day. Services offered: Therapeutic water massages Facial and skin care TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Acupuncture.

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87 Lianhua Street

0571 8523 7777

Opening Hours:
10am - 12pm

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