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Emotional Point/壹派
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High ceilings and white-washed walls combined with light acoustic music create a real sense of calm, with flashes of tasteful artwork dotted around to draw your eye. With such a refined setting, it’s only right that Emotional Point has a menu to match, with big efforts made to avoid the usual ‘western fare’(pizzas, pasta, hamburgers) that most western restaurants serve and instead offer dishes towards the higher end of western dining, including a lot of influences from Spanish and French cuisine.

We began with the Foie Gras Terrine (48RMB), a delicious spread great for lovers of pâté, served on a crusty piece of freshly- baked bread, and the Beef Tartar (118RMB), a very well-executed dish of raw minced meat mixed with avocado and capers.

On the simpler side, the Mushroom Soup (38RMB) was delicious, yet wholesome and worked great with their homemade bread.

Main course choices are equally grand and cover a wide range of tastes from different parts of Europe. The Spanish Seafood Rice(138RMB), a Paella with generous helpings of prawns, mussels and pieces of fish would suit two to share and the Pan-Fried Sea bass(108RMB) was served with puréed mashed potato and a simple balsamic sauce - all you need when the fish is this good. 

The Roasted Suckling Pig(328RMB) was a juicy piece of leg served on the bone with apple sauce and wholegrain mustard.

To put the finishing touches on your meal, a selection of desserts are available and include some classics, such as Tiramisu (58RMB). Rather than served in its traditional cake form, this smooth mousse has all the same great taste with sweet biscuits for dipping.

As with their food, the drinks menu also includes a lot of imports including red and white wines, available by the bottle to accompany your meal (from 145RMB). After your meal, head downstairs for a nightcap in the first floor bar and enjoy an expert cocktail (68-88RMB) or a glass of scotch from the whiskey list as you soak in a few more precious moments in peaceful surroundings.

Open from 11:30am-12:00am. Smoking on first floor, menus in English. Car park entrance located on Hupao Road, just south of the intersection with Manjuelong Road. 

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Building B, 1-1 Manjuelong Road

133 2571 8708

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 12am
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