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Emerald Restaurant /翠筠白茶餐厅
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Nestled in Siyanjing, off Hupao Road on the wild west side of town, next door to the Meander Tree Theme Resort, you'll find the Emerald Hostel. You might not find the name familiar, but you probably have heard of their pirate boat, which is, admittedly, pretty impressive. Basically, after pass Meander Tree Theme Resort and their pirate ship, you'll arrive at the Emerald Hostel.

We were warmly received by their three lovely dogs: a big German shepherd named Qiao Feng, and 2 beautiful Scottish Collies named Xiao Bao and Mei Duo (means  in Tibetan). We passed through the small courtyard and arrived in their restaurant; the Emerald White Tea Restaurant. The sound system was playing pop songs from the 80's. There was a foosball table in the middle of the space, and a big bookshelf lying in the back of the restaurant. There, we found lots comic books we used to read when we were children.

Their menu is quite big with English translations for each dish. We started our lunch with the Griddle-Cooked Prawns (干锅明虾) 50RMB, which was marked with three chili icons next to its name. Not surprisingly, it's very spicy, and we loved the lotus in it. This was followed by Spiced Chicken with Chili Sauce (椒麻鸡) 68RMB, Saut-ed Beef with Potatoes (土豆香牛肉) 36RMB, Saut-ed Vermicelli with Minced Spicy Pork (蚂蚁上树) 15RMB, and Braised Pork with Black Tea (九曲红烧肉) 36RMB. The black tea they use to cook is called Jiuqu Hongmei which was produced in the town of Zhoupu in the West Lake District. It's one of the top 10, most famous, teas in China. You want to know how good it tastes in authentic Chinese cuisine? There's only one way to find out. Well we could tell you but it's worth experiencing in person.

As we mentioned, their menu is quite big. You can find a range of dishes here: Sesame Paste with Lettuce (麻酱油麦菜) 18RMB, Secret Recipe Spare Ribs (秘制排骨) 48RMB, Deep Fried Lamb Chops (香酥羊排) 58RMB, Fried Eggs with Shredded Meat (肉丝跑蛋) 15RMB. If you don't like any of those, they have Spaghetti Bolognaise for 28RMB.

They offer a reasonable rate for rooms as well. A single bed is 45RMB/person, standard room is 150RMB, a room with view is 190RMB, and their family suites starts at 190RMB. Check out their website: for more info.

English menu, Wi-Fi, and parking are all available. The Wi-Fi password is the German shepherd's name as one word. 

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Inside Emerald Hostel, 16 Siyanjing, Hupao Road

0571 8657 2206

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 2:30pm, 5pm - 8:30pm
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