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Duowang Bar/多忘酒馆
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Duowang, a small chic new bar on north Zhonghe road, doesn’t get itself tied down by any one concept, instead they’ve gone for a cross between flavours and regions, and whilst this is usually the downfall of so many places in Hangzhou, it’s what we loved so much about Duowang. The owner is no stranger to the food and beverage industry in the city, but he’s taken on this new bar as his own pet project, a place designed around him and his friends. 

At a first glance of Duowang, it’s easy to mistake it for a small Japanese bar or restaurant, and indeed a big part of what’s on offer does come from Japan. The design inside is inspired by the owner’s desire to make this place feel like his own with thoughtful additions throughout.

The collection of drinks at Duowang definitely has something for everyone, with beers, sake, wines, and a few other specials. We mostly stuck with beer, and besides from a few more common brands like Brewdog, their selection is mostly from small independent brewery’s, and some less well-known brands. 

We knocked back a few of bottles of Ruinsbrew Duowang and Stout (both 25RMB), a local craft beer brewery. Sake lovers won’t be disappointed with their impressive range of bottles, as well as a few select ones available in a jar (from 68RMB).

Although Duowang is mainly a bar, they serve up some surprisingly great food, with a dinner menu available (currently only in Chinese), and exceeds the normal offerings you’ll get from similar places. The menu is mostly Japanese style food, with a few exceptions including French style White Wine Mussels (65RMB). 

The seasonal Australian Beef Cold Dish (38RMB) really blew us away, mixing together tender slices of beef, peppers, cucumbers and onions, all tossed in a spicy sesame sauce.

We also tried some tempura, the Chicken (36RMB) was served with their own sweet wasabi based sauce, and the Assorted Platter (58RMB), included thinly battered prawns that had a sensational creamy texture and were packed with flavour, you could really taste the freshness of the prawns. Portion sizes are small, so order a bunch and have a bit of everything, great as either a late-night snack or a full dinner. Although we didn’t get to give it a try, it’s worth mentioning they have a fresh sushi selection available too. Smoking permitted. Street parking available.

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111 North Zhongshan Road

187 5887 0644

Opening Hours:
5:30pm - 1am
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