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DS Pole Dance Studio/杭州DS舞蹈培训
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When my friend asked me if I wanted to go with her to a pole dancing class, I was immediately intrigued. All kinds of images swirled through my head and I saw myself spinning, twirling, sliding, gliding, and climbing like a pro on that pole. With all that in mind, I was more than a little surprised, when we arrived at the studio, to find that the teacher was a guy. Never in my life had I seen a male pole dancer before.

All in all, there were six other women in our class; all dressed up in their shorts and really high-heeled rubber boots. After the first exercise, where we had to jump on the pole and hang there for eight seconds with our legs crossed in the back, I was already sweating. Actually, I couldn’t keep myself on the pole for more than a few seconds. After a few seconds, try as I might, I slowly slid down. We repeated that move a couple of times with not much more success on my part.

The next move had us climbing up the pole. That was easier than I thought, but once you’re up there, then what? I kind of hung there like a koala, except my arms and legs were shaking a lot more than a koala’s generally do, and there is absolutely nothing sexy about that. Finally, I let go and glided down, but going down with that steel pole rubbing against my flesh was painful.

Following that, I found myself up on the pole again; gripping it with my thighs, and then letting my upper-body fall down, so that I kind of hung there upside-down. It really scared me, and I couldn’t get out of the position by myself either. Having said that, after class I saw some videos on Youtube, and the instructor said that in order to pole-dance well, you have to get over the pain and the fear.

They say progress comes fast and it tones not only, the entire body, but the soul as well. Also, the inaugural China pole-dancing championships are slated for sometime in 2011. The Pole Fitness Association (yes, there is such a thing) is urging pole sports to be recognized as an Olympic event. (Please, God, let it be so. – Ed.) I hope that one day I will really be able to work that pole, because even though I was disappointed in my progress during our first pole-dancing lesson, it was a lot of fun, and I definitely want to go back and learn more. It’s also fun to see all the guys’ eyes light up when you tell them where you just came from.

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Huzhou Street
湖州街 (loft49后面)

135 8885 0518

Opening Hours:
1pm - 9pm
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