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Disturbance Village/风波庄
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You a big fan of kung fu? You've got to make your way north to this place. It's a whole lotta fun. The owner, Ms. Bai, loves the genre so much that she built Disturbance Village (fēng bō zhuāng). The village wasn't the easiest of places to track down, but we finally stumbled upon an ancient liquor shop banner hanging up that read, It's involuntary to live in this world (人在江湖, 身不由己) and knew we'd found the spot. As we walked through the doorway, we were greeted with yells of Welcome, oh chivalrous ones. True to kung fu form, the restaurant was divided into areas for different fighting groups. There was the Xiaoyao Faction: a carefree clique known for stepping away from a struggle. And then there was Quanzhen Taoism, who believe their spirits will live on forever. The followers of the Gumu Faction are chaste and live in the ancient tombs. We were led to our table located in the biggest group called the Beggar's Faction. All things were kung fu in this place: Chopsticks were weapons the air-conditioner became a monster (because they didn't want anyone to touch it); and a napkin was a cleaning rag. Even the dishes were creatively named, taking those of kung fu moves. Xiang long shi ba zhang 降龙十八掌 is the Beggar's Faction's deadliest move; it can kill a dragon in 18 palms. If you want Pigs Feet Cooked in Soy Sauce, this is what you have to call it. We didn't linger too long after enjoying our meager fare there were too many enemies of the Beggar's Faction in the village. Luckily, we escaped using our Super Eagle's Claw, grabbing a heroic placard (name card) on our way out. We were dismissed with a chorus of Green mountains won't change green water flowing. We will meet again. Sorry not see you to the door (青山不改,绿水长流。后会有期,恕不远送). Ahhhh, we will meet again someday. hings you need to know how to say: Waiter 小二 xiao er; Chopstick (weapons) 双节棍 shuang jie gun; Napkin (Cleaning rag) 抹布 ma bu; Coca-Cola (Red saint water) 红圣水 hong sheng shui; 1 RMB (1 liang of currency) 一两银子 yi liang yin zi ; Baijiu (Homemade hero liquor) 自酿英雄酒 zi niang ying xiong jiu; Toothpick (Storm pear blossom needle) 暴雨梨花针 bao yu li hua zhen; Spoon (Little Lee's flying dagger) 小李飞刀 xiao li fei dao. 

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16 Block, Xiasha

0571 8802 6321

Opening Hours:
9am - 12pm
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