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Din Tai Fung/鼎泰丰
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This place simply rocks. We went through the entire Mixc Mall to find virtually nobody inside, except for the ice skating arena, but Din Tai Fung was packed. If you can imagine the highest form of street food available, well then you can imagine Din Tai Fung. We’re talking about their Xiaolongbao in particular. We had two types of this and they were by far the most spectacular ones we’ve ever had. The Special Xiaolongbao (23RMB/5 pieces), and the Crab and Pork Xiaolongbao (35RMB/5 pieces), were served on absolutely clean and bright white cloth inside the bamboo steamer, and the soup inside of these babies was boiling hot as it should be. You could tell that these delights were just made by one of the chefs behind the glassed, open-faced prep area. We also had the freshly made Shrimp Shao Mai Dumplings (32RMB/5 pieces) which were just as they were pictured in the menu. Be careful when you eat these because there’s a little bit of soup at the bottom just under the shrimp, and it’s as hot as it is good. And is it good!

The portions here aren’t too big, but it’s the quality over the quantity for sure. We also got the Pork and Glutinous Rice Shao Mai (28RMB/5 pieces), the Pork Zongzi (25RMB), the Vegetable and Pork Wonton Noodle Soup (33RMB), the Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (23RMB), Vegetable and Pork Wonton in Sichuan Chili Oil (32RMB), and the Sour and Spicy Soup (28RMB), and all were much more than what anyone’s mom could do, aside from the Sour and Spicy Soup which was a little too bland for our tastes. Our bill for four came to a hefty 359RMB which included one freshly pressed juice (25RMB/glass) for each of us. Before we began to eat we couldn’t believe that their Hong Kong branch got a Michelin star, but after stuffing ourselves stupid we now know why.  

English menu available, as is underground parking.

Dave J
2017-06-14 20:20:42
I have eaten at both the L.A. and Hangzhou Din Tai Fung several times and find the food to be excellent. I will visit Hangzhou next week and will definitely be eating there again.
2013-11-28 12:40:12
You should visit a Din Tai Fung during a trip in China. The Din Tai Fung in Hangzhou is very good and many people eat there every day. Sometimes you have to wait, but it's worth!
The quality of Din Tai Fung
2010-07-19 08:17:00
The quality of this famous Taiwanese chain will never let you down. Although the original Din Tai Fungs in Taipei are a notch above everywhere else, Ive tried them from L.A. to Shanghai and Din Tai Fung quality standard is all very well maintained. Haven't had a chance to go the one in Hangzhou, but I'll definitely pay a visit pretty soon.
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3/F, Mixc Mall, 701 Fuchun Road

0571 8886 9511

Opening Hours:
10am - 9pm

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