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De Ji /德记
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One of the latest venues to feature new fusion creations is De Ji, a restaurant that will be nipping at the heels of the venerable Green Tea franchise, and the soon-to-be-opened second installment of the equally fearsome Jiang Nan Yi. You might think that being flanked by these two proven winners is culinary suicide for a restaurateur wanting to gain recognition at this level, but we're thinking that the overspill of customers from the long dinnertime queues, which will undoubtedly be snaking outside the doors of both grand champions of Hangzhou cuisine, will be the secret to success for operators who can provide a comparable experience at a reasonable price. We dropped in for a taste, and to see for ourselves if this contender was coming out swinging. The restaurant has a bit of a, “pardon our dust,” feel to it, as does the entire neighborhood, with newly-constructed buildings erected and designed to mimic Qing-era architecture. Inside is elegant and simple, with two floors, and a menu that is diverse and eclectic. We had small dishes of sweet dark sauce to dip our 18RMB salmon, julienne carrot strips, and delicate egg crepes, 28RMB Dong Po pork with scallions served in a clay pot with a side of aged vinegar, a 2RMB interpretation of the local street-food classic Cong Bao Kuai Er, 18RMB organic cauliflower with bacon, and fried soft noodles with pork and onions for 28RMB. Plenty of parking is available in spite of the construction.

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258-264 Dadou Road

0571 5667 9999

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 1:30pm, 5pm - 8:30pm
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