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Da Wan Mian/大碗面
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I’m a big fan of noodles. I love all kinds: cold, hot, spicy, with or without soup. Living in Hangzhou long enough, you should know the one that represents Hangzhou is got to be “pianerchuan”. The toppings of pianerchuan are mainly composed of pickled cabbage, bamboo shoots, lean meat slices. It has over a hundred years of history, and the flavour of pickled cabbage and bamboo shoots lead the diner to an endless array of different aftertastes.

Walking pass Da Wan Mian (it literarily means big bowl noodle) a few times, it is located in the landmark shopping area - Kerry Center. This small noodle restaurant is packed most of the time during lunch and dinner time. From the open kitchen, you can see the chefs are always extremely busy. The menu is written on the blackboards on the wall. The price for noodles is between 12RMB and 42RMB, and you also have the option to add black fish slices, shrimp, bamboo slices, mushroom, pork chop, and a fried egg. There is a big sign that reminds you “it’s free to add more noodles or cracklings”. Yes, that’s the place where I had my perfect pianerchuan, only 15RMB plus a fried egg for 2RMB and freshly fried free cracklings, I was the happiest girl. The owner Ma Kunshan (everyone calls him Lao Ma) is the same owner of that hidden gem Hangzhou restaurant Hao Shi Tang (Good Canteen) on Xiyanghong Road near Zhejiang Uni Yuquan Campus. This great local restaurant reminds me my grandma’s cooking, and it comes with a super friendly price. Before Lao Ma opened Da Wan Mian, he went to all the famous noodle restaurants in town, and took him six months to find the perfect noodles. What makes a good pianerchuan? The noodle, the soup and the toppings. The soup here is made from bones and chicken, cooked for hours. It smells so good when you walk by. The last is the topping: tenderloin, pickled cabbage, bamboo shoots, mushrooms. Lao Ma is never cheap when it comes to ingredients, and the 15RMB is worth every penny. We have translated the whole menu for you because we don’t want all of you noodle lovers to miss this one. In the cold winter, take a sip of the soup, lowly sucking a few noodles, then take a bite of the crispy crackling, and you’ll surely be the happiest person on this side of the Pacific.

Lamb noodles 羊肉面 25RMB
Beef noodles 牛肉面 25RMB
Pianerchuan 片儿川 15RMB
Pig liver noodles 猪肝面15RMB
Pork chop noodles 大排面 15RMB
Kidney noodles 腰花面 19RMB
Intestine noodles 大肠面 19RMB
Fried eel noodles 爆鳝面 28RMB
Preserved pickles noodles 榨菜面 12RMB
Three seafood noodles 三鲜面 25RMB
Tomato and bamboo shoots noodles 番茄笋干面 12RMB
Black fish slices and pickled vegetable noodles 酸菜黑鱼面 22RMB
Chicken noodles 本鸡面 20RMB
Short ribs noodles 子排面 18RMB
Shrimp fried eel noodles 虾爆鳝面 42RMB
Shrimp and kidney noodles 虾腰面 32RMB
Shrimp pianerchuan 虾片儿川 30RMB
Shrimp tenderloin noodles 虾里脊面 28RMB
Kidney eel noodles 腰鳝面 42RMB
Shredded meat fried with noodles 肉丝拌川 15RMB

Extra Ingredients 加料
Eel 黄鳝 25RMB
Black fish slices 黑鱼片 18RMB
Shrimp 虾仁 22RMB
Kidney 腰花 15RMB
Intestine 大肠 15RMB
Pig liver 猪肝 9RMB
Pork chop 大排 9RMB
Bamboo slices 笋片 5RMB
Mushroom 蘑菇 5RMB
Bamboo shoots笋干 4RMB
Short ribs 仔排 15RMB
Fried egg 荷包蛋 2RMB
Tenderloin slices里脊片 7RMB
Meat and fish ball 肉鱼丸 2RMB

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Junction of CHangshou Road and Changshou Heng Road


Opening Hours:
9:30am - 8pm

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