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Courtyard Restaurant, Qiaoxi Branch/院子餐厅, 桥西直街店
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This is the spot where all of the young people in the area go, to see and be seen. With its fantastic interior design, and canal view it’s easy to see why. Think wood tables, rattan furniture, and old-fashioned filament light bulbs galore. That a nicely crafted bar that serves up all sorts of goodies and huge immaculately clean windows all add up the newest hot spot along the water. The only drawback here is the menu especially if you don’t read Chinese, so we’ll waste little space with our ranting and raving here and give you a decently translated menu so that you can simply pick and choose. 
What we ordered:
Yuanzi Private Eggplants 院子私房茄子 19RMB
Boiled Eggs with Pork Stew 土鸡蛋烧肉 32RMB
Diced Lotus Cooked with Sichuan Peppers 椒麻藕丁 15RMB
Gold Medal BBQ Pork 金牌烤肉 38RMB
Three Cup Shrimps Cooked Basil 九层塔三杯虾 48RMB
Deep Fried Vegetable Cake 油墩儿 9RMB/three  
*Deep Fried Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls with Preserved Vegetables干菜汤圆 18RMB
Watermelon Juice 西瓜汁 48RMB/pitcher

What we would have liked to have ordered if we had more room:
Eggs Cooked on the Hot Stones 鸡蛋碰石头 8RMB
Curry Prawns 咖喱皇焗大虾 58RMB
Cheese Baked Scallops 芝士焗扇贝 6RMB/one
Onion Fried with Potato 洋葱炒土豆 8RMB
Scallops Friend with Glass Noodle and Cabbage 瑶柱粉丝大白菜 19RMB
Potato Cooked with Pickled Vegetables and Beef 土豆酸菜牛肉 25RMB
Vegetable Balls 荠菜丸子 28RMB
Deep Fried Dough Stuffed w/ Pineapple and Shrimp 凤梨油条虾 35RMB
Sesame Oil Casserole Chicken 香油砂锅鸡 48RMB
Black Peppered Beef 碧绿黑椒牛肉 48RMB
Bean Sauce Steamed Mandarin Fish 豆豉蒸小桂鱼 48RMB
Lamb Chops 手抓羊排 68RMB
Steamed Buns with Pork Filling 小笼包 15RMB
Yuanzi Vegetable Fried Rice 院子菜炒饭 18RMB
Dumplings 干捞水饺 18RMB
Seafood Fried with Glass Noodle 海鲜炒粉干 32RMB

They’ve also translated their drink menu by themselves, so we won’t have to help you on that one, but we’ll just let you know that beers range from 10RMB to 18RMB a bottle. Again, there’s no English or picture menu, so bring this along with you if you’ve got a problem with that. 

*Definitely order this for one of the most uniquely made versions of one of our all time favorites.

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64-73 Qiaoxi Zhi Street

0571 8819 4788

Opening Hours:
10:30am - 9pm

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