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Confucius Temple/孔庙
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There are six main features at the Confucius Temple located a couple of hundred meters behind the Sofitel Hotel: Dacheng Hall, Painting of Confucius 72 Leading Disciples, Steles of Confucianism, Steles of Emperor's Handwriting, Portrait Stones of 16 Arhats, and Drawings of Confucius Saint Deeds. Dacheng Hall, the main building of Confucius Temple, is the major venue to hold memorial ceremonies for the worship of Confucius. The hall is a wooded structure of the Qing Dynasty and gable hip roofed by multiple eaves. It is 18 meters high from the ceiling, with seven bays in width and five bays from the entrance to its rear. Bright and vivid, the numerous decorative paintings found on the ceilings and beams are remains from the last Qing Dynasty, which are rare artistic treasures in ancient times of Hangzhou. Though the main building and some of the other structures were recently rebuilt, the original paintings are truly a treasure. Like the recently rebuilt hall, the Painting of Confucius 72 Leading Disciples, and the Drawings of Confucius Saint Deeds are also reproductions though the latter does have some great stories (in English) for each panel. Definitely more than a handful for anyone who isn't well-versed in their history. All of the Steles and the Portrait Stones of 16 Arhats appear to be original, and are impressive with a great diversity of calligraphy. The varied buildings housing the collections of art surround a coy pond and a waterfall that cannot be overlooked. Maybe it'd be a good idea to bring a little bread for the fish if that's still politically correct. It's worth a trip out there on a nice sunny day especially if you're looking for a bit a quiet and time to reflect on things from long ago. Ticket: Free; Busses: K808, Y8, 59/K59, Y7, 60/K60, 35/K35, K850, K284, 35/K35, 34/K34, 818, K216, K206, 25/K25, 40/K40, 8/K8, J9, K404, 814, to Wushan Square.

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8 Laodong Lane

0571 8701 5011

Opening Hours:
9am - 4:30pm, closed on Mondays
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