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Chuan Yue 1996 by Chuan Wei Guan/川味观 川越1996
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Nineteen years ago, Chuan Wei Guan opened its first restaurant. Back in the old days, it was our one and only choice for Sichuan hot pot. Someone's farewell party, or a big feast before going out for a night of drinking, or even a great choice for yexiao, Sichuan food is the best comfort food. 

Nineteen years later, this Chuan Wei Guan has completely changed its face. Its new name, Chuan Yue 1996, literally means time travel: Going to the new Chuan Wei Guan will definitely take you back to 1996 when it first opened. A big draw of the restaurant is the exterior; people continually stop to take photos when they pass by. You just can’t help doing it – the look is so unique. The designer Chen Lin has done many restaurants around town, the most famous one being Yee Chino. From outside, Chen Lin has combined many Chongqing elements with the original logo of Chuan Wei Guan. It's the perfect combination of ancient and modern. 

Our dinner started with famous Sichuan cold dishes Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce (口水鸡 38RMB) and Peppered Hairy Beans (椒香毛豆 12RMB). The chicken was perfectly mixed with red chili oil and fragrance of flower pepper, the real taste of Sichuan. And, how can you have a Sichuan dinner without ordering Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil 川越水煮鱼? The highlight of our dinner had to be this dish. It comes at different prices for different types of fish. Ours was 89RMB with perch, which was quickly cooked in very hot oil and lots dried pepper and flower pepper. If you dig, you’ll find the bean sprouts at the bottom – all that mala flavor dancing and teasing your taste buds. We also loved the Clay Pot Bull Frog (石锅牛蛙 59RMB), Stir Fried Okra (豉油秋葵 29RMB), and the Chuan Yue Rice with Assorted Vegetables and Meat (川越拌饭 49RMB). 

We have to mention that we didn't get the chance to try the hot pot, but we are very sure that it is still the place to head for it. The bone soup is boiled for twelve hours together with over ten types of Chinese herbs – that’s what makes it so tasty. 

The menu is in Chinese and pinyin. Parking is difficult though. We suggest you park on North Zhongshan Road and take a little walk. 

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161 Qingchun Road

0571 8724 6728, 8724 6738

Opening Hours:
11am - 4am

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