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Chenhuang (Town God) Pavilion/城隍阁
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Ticket: 30RMB for adults; 15RMB for children; 58RMB for admission and tea; Busses: 8, 35, 38, 40, 814, 818, K807

Whenever you come into the city at night from the East, the first thing you can see off in the distance is this place: It's the most noticeable building in the Hangzhou skyline. At 41.7 meters, this seven story structure stands even higher than Baochu and Leifeng pagodas. Granted, it doesn't have the same historical significance, there are no mythical tales surrounding the tower. There's not even an explanation about this. City God that the place was built for. What you've got, though, is a fabulous panoramic view of the lake, the Qiantang River, the rolling hills and the sprawl of the city, well that is if you go on one of the purported 299 days with excellent and good air quality. Supposedly summer is the clearest time of the year, so take advantage and climb up to for some pics of the cityscape (there's an elevator to the top for you wusses). On your way down, check out the two-story tall granite relief of a temple fair in Song Dynasty Hangzhou (or Lin'an as it was known in those days). On the ground floor is a really cool 31 meter long model depicting daily life during the heyday of the capital. There are over 1,000 buildings and 3,000 figures in this baby, and it took over 10,000 days to complete. It's a bit pricey getting into Chenhuang Pavilion, but you've also got the Taoist Temple. Here someone will tell your future for ten kuai. And while you're up on Wushan, why not walk around the hill and take a gander at the lifestyle that Hangzhounese are famous for. You might even be tempted to join in on a game of mahjong.

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43 Liangdaoshan Rd. (Wushan Square)

0571 8701 1855

Opening Hours:
7:30am – 10pm
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