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Caffe Moak, Westbrook Branch/魔克咖啡, 西溪店
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The Italian coffee roaster, Moak, began roasting beans in 1967. Forty-five years later, it opened its third Hangzhou location at the Westbrook Center at the Xixi Wetlands. This new location is a complete café offering much more than an excellent caffeine fix. At first glance, we were struck by the clean and contemporary design. Seating is very comfortable and floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the entire café in natural light. We could not help noticing the gelato and desserts on display, and made mental notes for later.

The food menu is loaded with Italian options like salads, pizzas, pastas, and sandwiches. While the portions are a little small, so are the prices. We found three orders were enough to satisfy 2 people. The crew of four from MORE managed to order about half the menu, which is good for you, if not our waistlines.

We tried the Italy Pizza (pepperoni) and the Four Seasons Pizza (vegetarian). Both were 38RMB, thin and crispy, and decent. We tried all three 32RMB spaghetti options. We enjoyed the light flavor of the Smoked Chicken Spaghetti with Black Pepper sauce, and the Spaghetti Carbonara was creamy and loaded with bacon. We tried the Cicily [sic] Sandwich with smoked chicken and melted cheese on a roll. At a scant 29RMB, it’s a delicious value.

Since no trip to an Italian café is complete without coffee and gelato, we made sure to save room. Gelato is 22RMB for one scoop, 38RMB for two, or 55RMB for three and interesting flavors include Hazelnut, Mango, and Green Tea. They make a very solid milkshake for around 40RMB and have desserts ranging from 25-38RMB. To drink, we tried their milk tea, which was bland, but really, shame on us for ordering tea at a coffee place. They do make great lattes and mochas from around 30-35RMB, and Americanos and Espressos from 19-22RMB. If you order a cappuccino, note that it may come with sprinkles and fresh whipped cream on top, which is great if you are into that. Parking is available and the Wi-Fi and service are fast.

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21 Zijingang Road (Westbrook Resort)

0571 8897 6310

Opening Hours:
9:30am - 12am
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