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Botanical Garden BBQ/杭州植物园桃花园烧烤
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Ticket: 10RMB
Busses: 7, 27, 15, 82,18, 28 to Botanical Garden.  

The gardens here are part research center part recreational gardens. They are a great place to walk and picnic, with over 4,000 species of plants to look at. It’s 10RMB for adults and 5RMB for children (under 1.3 meters high). Located on the northwest side of the lake at the foot of Jade Spring Hill and is serviced by the 82, 15, 28 or 7 busses. These days, weather permitting, you can even have a barbeque in the Peach Blossom Garden (桃花园) section of the garden. A set of BBQ stuff costs 300RMB, plus a 100RMB deposit. The set includes all the BBQ equipment, table and chairs, oil, honey, cumin spices, mutton, beef and chicken sticks, chicken wings, squid, chicken hearts, meat balls, yellow fish, sausage, bread, rice cake, corn, potato and six glasses of Longjing Tea. Though they said that it was a meal for six, it was enough to feed our hungry party of eight, which equated to just under 50RMB/person including entrance fees. We even brought a dog along who loved the chicken hearts. If you bring your own food, it’s 60RMB to rent the BBQ equipment, plus 30RMB extra to get one table and six chairs, the iron net is 5RMB, and extra charcoal and Sterno are 5RMB each. Look for their pool to open soon. It’s the perfect hidden gem in an otherwise pool-unfriendly city. Business hours: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM daily, for special time requirements, please dial 13105717631 to negotiate. 

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1 Taoyuan Lin

131 0571 7631

Opening Hours:
7:30am - 5pm
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